L39GION of LA Women!

Announced today that the L39GION of Los Angeles added three female racers to their team.

Important note — this is NOT a distinct and separate woman’s team, ALL riders — M & F — are part if the same team. Meaning they all get treated and paid the same.

The new pride:

Kendall Ryan

Avry Howes

Skylar Schneider

Justin Williams and L39GION are changing the game while others (UCI et al) are still talking about it and decades behind. Respect.

2021 is gonna rip!


L39gion stepping up the game once again! :raised_hands:t3:

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I’m pretty sure they are the best thing road cycling has going for it worldwide.


I’m very excited about this.

This is brilliant! Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Could be the best thing to happen in professional cycling in a long, long time.


Massive Kudos to L39gion!

Hopefully this is a start to make woman’s road racing as good as woman’s XC racing. I still can’t figure out why I enjoy watching the woman’s races over the mens race.