L/R Power Imbalance

I’ve been riding for about five years with about 99% of all riding done on my tri bike. Took the last year and a half or so to focus on running with very little riding (relative to time spent running)… This was especially true the last five months of 2018 as I was prepping for a marathon in hopes to BQ.

Now with the run out of the way I picked up a new aero road bike with plans to crit race this season. Immediately after purchasing the bike I started my TrainerRoad subscription and developed a few issues. I primarily had IT band issues as well as a huge power imbalance dip.

At first I chalked this up to going from zero riding to 5/6 hours of Sweet Spot Base… After three weeks of discomfort I thought to try my TT bike and had no IT or power balance issues… Power readings were back to normal (50/50)… After a few more rides on the TT I was convinced the road bike was not fitted well so I went back to my LBS and to have it ‘re-fitted’ (note; was originally retul fitted upon purchase)… My fitter was certain the bike fit well and only made a minor adjustment to my saddle height. He emphasized the importance of sitting correctly with proper after noticing that I was sitting up-right during our session. I noted that I only did so as I was talking to him however during workouts I would alternate between the hoods and drops. He went on to explain in the TT bike one is naturally forced to sit back properly allowing the hips to open up naturally whereas spending time on the tops of the aero bike may not allow full range of motion.

I’m now about 11 weeks in and the IT band issues have completely dissipated however my power imbalance has not self-corrected. Although I don’t have any pain or discomfort I can sense that my left leg feels ‘weaker’ which results in a huge dip in power balance. I’m consistently measuring 45/55 whereas I have always been 50/50, give or take one percent on either side.

I’m contemplating getting a second opinion on the fit and curious if anyone has experienced something similar. Perhaps a change in saddle or other piece of equipment may help.

Thanks in advance and apologize for the novel.