Kurt Kinetic Road Machine roll down test

I have an ageing Kurt Kinetic Road machine that I have just started using again after quite a long layoff. I’m either much fitter than I thought, or the resistance unit has deteriorated and produces less resistance than previously at a given speed/power.

I have just done a roll down test from an indicated 300W and it took 13.5 seconds to come to a complete stop. Unfortunately I can’t find my old roll down test result from when I bought the unit some 5 years ago. If anyone has any roll down data, I would really appreciate it, so I can get some idea if the resistance unit is ok or not…

Thanks in advance.


5 years isn’t aging for a KK fluid trainer (my unit just kicked the bucket at 10), but that doesn’t even seem like the protocol used for a roll down anymore. In TR or inRide, you can “calibrate” with a roll-down that is from 21mph, but not all of the way down to 0 (maybe stops at 10 or something?). It, presumably, is more accurate because it measures closer to the power band that you’ll be riding in, while ignoring the 4mph-0mph…