Kids Racing and Racing Bike Setups

I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to kids racing and kids racing bikes and figured we needed one. Please share the action shots and setups of our little tikes on little bikes!

I’ll start with my boy. He started racing BMX at age 3 and moved from a micro mini (18”) to his current Staats Mini (20”) now that he’s 5. This year Santa gave him a 20” Cannondale Trail MTB and we often go to our local trail and he can ride all sections minus the black. I would like to start him in MTB racing later this year and plan to build him a lightweight 24er with electronic shifting because he’s still too weak to shift easily with his Cannondale. Please chime in if you have any advice on wheels and frames for a 24er.



The bmx bike looks a lot like the one I built for my eldest son. He is almost 50 now. Back then we had to run 20” sew ups on rims from Europe to get a thinner tire.