Kickr Bike V1, long term reviews?

Look forward to your new thread “Kickr Bike v2 Review”

Unless I am mistaken, the Kickr Bike V2 is not actually available to purchase right now. My guess is that he just got the V1 model. Coincidently or not, the Kickr Bike V2 page is dead on the WahooFitness page. I am pretty sure it was working on the day of the info release.

When they announced the new Kickr v6 and Kickr Bike v2, they were also announced as available to purchase. Checking the website, I see this which is definitely the v2 bike:

I give up! For whatever reason, the forum isn’t uploading the pic. Anyway, it shows $3999.99 and is def the new bike since it includes the following:

  • NEW - Direct Connect and WiFi Connectivity
  • NEW - ERG Easy Ramp gets you back in action
  • NEW - Odometer tracks total trainer mileage

Lastly it states, “KICKR BIKE is expected to ship on September 23rd”

Now when is Tacx going to make their tech refresh announcements🤔

  • I just tried in a different browser and got the right page and info.

So it looks like it is available to purchase the V2 now, even if shipment / delivery is a bit delayed.

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Lol maybe I just sent $4K to a scam website!


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@mcneese.chad I stand corrected - it was in an article that was written by CyclingTips.

In further good news, Wahoo will roll out ERG Easy Ramp to Kickr V5.4, and 3, Kickr Bike V1, and other compatible trainers through a firmware update in the coming months.


Thanks for the link! Good news on that front for many existing users :smiley:

I have had my Kickr Bike less than a year, but I have already ridden it over 350 hours in the past nine months and it has changed my life, so I feel qualified to add my 2¢ :smiley:
I got it last December, straight off the couch potato-human. My original plan was just to do 2-3 hours a week of “cardio” on it, so that it wouldn’t be an expensive doorstop. But I just kept adding time each week, as much as I could handle. I did 12 hrs a week over the summer, and increased to 15 hrs the past five weeks.
I do mostly polarized training with a lot of easy riding, but I do enjoy doing structured interval workouts on it as well. I am pretty large (86 kg) but this bike seems solid even when I am grabbing the bars and pushing hard.
I have not had any connectivity issues, but I am just using TR to record my workouts, not Zwift.
A couple months ago I ran into an issue with the left shifter—erg mode still worked but the shifter wasn’t working. Wahoo totally took care of the problem, first sending me a new handlebar module, and when that didn’t work, they sent me a replacement bike, fully assembled and delivered by a white glove service (this was much appreciated, as I was not looking forward to assembling the new bike or trying to pack up the old one). The only mods I have done are to replace the saddle with an after-market one, and of course to add my own pedals.
If this thing broke tomorrow I would still consider it money well spent.


I got my replacement Kickr Bike after the first one was DOA. Got it set up quickly and the firmware updated. All went went but the first time around the FW update failed, bit second time went well.

I did two workouts so far. First was Baxter in TR using ERG. I’m coming from a Tacx Neo and my immediate impression was that I felt less flywheel momentum on the Kick Bike and that it took a little longer for the watts to smooth out when the target changed in the workout. I tend to run a big gear on my Tacx Neo, so I started shifting gears on the KICKR Bike (while in ERG), trying to see if going to a bigger gear who change the feel. This seemed to mess it up a little as there was period of time where two or three segments in Baxter had the watts being really spiky. Eventually everything smoothed out.

The second workout I did was in Wahoo SYSTEM. I did Angels, which is four intervals right around threshold with lots of quick small changes in resistance. Again used ERG. Here the KICKR Bike was really cool. The workout simulates climbs and the KICKR Bike kept changing pitch to match the onscreen action. Super immersive. I still found that went the power goals changed, the KICKR Bike took a little longer to lock in compared to the Tacx Neo (ie. I would over shoot or undershoot the watts more, even when pedaling steady.). I believe I had the virtually gearing set for Big ring front (2 on the display), and 8 for the virtual gearing in the rear.

Looking forward to try a few more workouts this week.


Just posting another update.

Been using the Kickr Bike regularly for a few weeks now and the experience has been really good.

In TR, when I start an ERG workout the gearing is defaulting to 1 (front ring) and 3 (rear ring). Leaving it here has fixed any issues I had with ERG adapting to changes in intensity between intervals. Now it’s locking in to the new power with a few seconds when the intensity changes, similar to my Tacx Neo.

For now, I’m still using the Kickr Bike just on the floor (carpet mat) and haven’t put it on an MP1. I’m surprised just how comfortable it has been as I’m used to using a road bike/TacxNeo/Saris MP1 setup, but the Kickr Bike has been great. Being able to adjust the title is a very underrated feature in my opinion. Being able to move the bike a few degrees at various times throughout the workup does enough to change the pressure point to really help with comfort. The little bit of give the bike has also helps. As mentioned before, I did put a SQLabs 611 “active” saddle on it, which is a perfect fit for me, so that also helps.

I thought initially I would leave my road bike/Tacx Neo/MP1 set up in place and possibly alternate between the Kickr Bike and that set up, but I don’t see the need. The Kickr Bike seems to do everything just as well and more. The lack of drive train noise and the tilt feature are great bonuses. I will still try it on the MP1 at some point, but as of right now super happy with the purchase.


A couple months after I got my Kickr and got to doing 2hr and longer rides, I noticed I would get some numbness in the wrists. I eventually solved this issue by tilting the bike way up. I keep it at like 14 degrees or more. This pushes my weight back more and makes it easier on the wrists on really long rides. I can now go 5 hrs without any (serious) comfort issues.

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You ever try this? Curious if you ended up leaving it on the floor or went the MP1 route.

Not yet. I’ve honestly been surprised how comfortable the Kickr Bike is just on the floor. During TR workouts, I’m changing the tilt pretty regularly during the rides and it really seems to help change up the pressure points.

As the weather gets colder here, I’ll probably get motivated to try it on the MP1 and will update when I do.

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Hello, mates. Looking for some help and advice.

I am quite tall and heavy rider 184 cm and 90-95 kg. I live outside of Europe so quick replacement of parts from wahoo may be a problem. I was waiting for the second version kickr bike, hoping that wahoo would fix a some of production problems of the first version and increase durability. Have they taken a step in this direction? Does it make sense to buy v2 in terms of its greater long-term durability compared to the v1?

Thank you!

Have you read the existing topic on the new V2 Kickr Bike?

Wahoo muddied the waters by releasing the new trainer and bike on the same day, with coupled press release, but I started a unique topic for each device. Per that, the link above covers what Wahoo claim to have changed / improved on the new unit. Maybe some of those relate to the “production problems” you mention?

Generally speaking, I am not sure many people have received these new V2 units yet, or at least not shared much feedback that I have seen. The V2 thread linked above is where that discussion will be found once it arrives. This current topic is essentially set for the V1 and I will update the title accordingly for clarity.

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I think there is no difference. GP Lama post on New Wahoo Kickr Bike V2 2022 - #33 by GPLama
It shows that there is very minor different. So I think the cheaper V1 is a better option compared with v2. Since for the durability they are probably the same, you still need to rely on your warranty.

@FatGuyTryToBeSlim V2 has Wi-Fi Dircon which could be a consideration for some.

Do people think the V1 price will drop below $2279? Im tempted to pull the trigger now but if they drop it to $1500 in a few weeks Ill feel like a cat 5.

Good question. I would have to assume that they stopped production on the V1 months ago, so it really depends on how much stock they have to clear out.

I just picked up a barely used V1 for $1600 on FB marketplace At the time, I thought it was a great deal because Wahoo charges $150 delivery + tax. So it’s $2569 out the door ($140 tax for me + $150 delivery) for a new V1 and $2270 for the refurb (when they still had it). But going into some forums / fb groups, I’m a little worried about warranty issues - but for the price difference, I’ll take my chances.

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