Just bought a 2020 Trek Domane SL5 today. What are your thoughts?

It is replacing my 2018 Roubaix elite. Anything to watch out for. Any tips. It will be my all around bike. Ill use it for crits, road and gravel as it can take 37 mm tires and thats what I ran on my old diverge e5 comp.

I am thinking of getting a diverge comp or a checkpoint later as both will take racks for touring but will wait till the season to decide that.

Any info appreciated. Its far from high end but the price was right. I am hoping to find a set of good wheels for it on black friday sales.

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Have fun!

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I have the 2020 SL6, and love it. I’ve done all the things you mention, even some bike packing with some frame bags. The only frame related issue is some noise from the way the cables interstate into the front head tube. I’m running eTap, so I only have two cables to worry about, but if they start making noise, simply moving them up and down has fixed it during rides. Then a good clean afterwards.

Awesome! Nothing like “new bike day” :+1: :+1: