Is it possible to adjust reported power from power meters?

I have 3 power meters and a Tacx Neo and they all report different power. Is there a way to adjust their reported power so I can get them in sync?

Tacx Neo - Let’s assume this one is correct.
SRAM Quarq Red AXS = +3%
Stages left side X9 Gen2 = +10%
SRAM Quarq XX1 Eagle = +11%

I swap between different bikes and trainer and want to be able to train on them without having to adjust my FTP-settings for every single ride because they report different power.
They all report consistent power, but the reported power differs a lot. Would be really nice if I could just adjust the reported power -3%, -10% and -11% so I could get them in sync. How hard can it be to make a feature like this available in the Stages and Quarq-apps?

Here are some comparisons I did with the power meters on the Neo:


No. They will never be in sync. With PowerMatch you can add an offset, but an offset is not the same as being in sync. Slopes, peak, etc. would be different, and would still use, if the Neo, the trainer’s power calculations, and then tack on an offset to it.

The power readings won’t overlap and look like a single line, but can get closer.

They do not have to be 100% in sync, but more like in the same 2-3% range would be nice, so the TSS wont be ruined and I dont have to do different power in the same workouts because I use different bikes.

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Apparently you should expect drive chain losses to make your power meters to read 3-5% higher than your Tacx (or more if it’s a mess). Which would account for your Red axs.

Not much use for you, but 4iiii meters let you scale the power output - the idea is to adjust for right/left balance on single sided power meters, or to match to other power meters for single and double sided.

(There should be something on Zwift that shows the scale factor people with 4iiiis are using. )


As much as it pains me to say it, given the differences, I’m not sure we can assume the Neo is correct.


I was convinced that my Neo was giving me low power until I got the AXS and it turned out that AXS and NEO was mostly in sync. I find it really weird that my two MTB power meters from two different manufactures (SRAM and Stages) are so in sync and still so far away from AXS/SRAM and Neo.

As long as these powermeters still are training equipment and not virtual racing equipment I wonder why it’s not possible to offset the power on Stages and Quarq.

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I contacted SRAM support and got some help. Using the AXS-app it is possible to adjust reported power by adjusting Slope in the settings. This can be done in 0.5% intervals, so now my Neo and two Quarqs are in sync. Happy Quarq-days!

Factory slope:

Adjusted -12.5% slope: