Is a MTB tire the fastest and best tire for Gravel racing?

I have a TB 2.35" Super Race on my gravel bike/commuter (drop bar MTB). So it’s about 70/30 (road/offroad).

I have about 1700km on this setup. The rear tire has worn quite a bit, the front looks pretty good still. My guestimate is that i’m gonna get about 3000km of life out of the rear tire.

The TB rolls fast, is quiet on the road and has good grip off-road. However, when it’s wet, they give little grip on pavement. I slid out pretty hard in a corner on a damp road where I didn’t feel like I was pushing the tire.

I have a gravel event in a couple of weeks. After that i’m gonna switch it out for a wide slick to test out for commuting.

Of interest:

The older version of this tire was called the Big One and made (small) waves back in 2016/2017 but there wasn’t the infrastructure to ignite the sort of excitement we’re seeing now. I saw a few people using them on repurposed beach racing bikes at local events but that was all, before they faded away.

I’m curious to see if this makes it into the gravel influencer sphere and out to real life again - does such require it to appear on Bicycle Rolling Resistance first? Then of course the question is if 2.35" is too much compromise around the bike to appeal to the gravel racing population. How many gravel race bikes would this fit? Is it potentially faster by enough to outweigh the ease of fitting 2.1/2.2 Race Kings/Thunder Burts?

I didn’t really have a bike that would fit these BITD but I do now so it’s definitely on my shopping list whenever it gets released.

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It looks like there’s a 50mm version too.

The listed 50mm G One Speed is the older slower model and it’s not clear if they’re updating that size to the Pro model. The G One Speed Super Ground did not test very well at BRR in the 40mm.

I don’t think it’s listed for sale - the 60mm G One Speed Pro Super Race, Race Guard, Addix Race appears to have a stock # of 11654585 while the older Super Ground Addix Speedgrip have stock numbers 11600975.01 and 11600996.02 for the 50/60mm versions. These are the tires actually listed for sale at the link, not the new Pro model. As far as I can tell.

If you click Addix Race here the only option is the 60-622 model right now. Would be great if they did update the 50mm model.


I might have to try these on my 29er

So confusing with the similar but different names, on the same product page.

Can you even be a tire manufacturer without having a confusing mess of a product line with similarly named models with slight differences?


Schwalbe tire names really suck. I don’t even know how THEY keep track.

I’m currently running these and they feel really fast. Plenty of traction for midwest gravel. I like them way more than the Maxxis Reavers they replaced.

SCHWALBE G-ONE RS Super Race, V-Guard 45-622

The weight difference has me believing the tire has pretty thin rubber. They had made it pretty thick, soft rubber. Now it should be about TT tire thick at around 1.1mm looking at the weight and the older slick. This is likely targeting sand racing.

I used to use the 30c G-one speed as my winter road tires, as they used to be basically a larger Pro One that didn’t spray water or attach to road debris as much…. Then they went e-bike casing/rubber.

G-one RS in black wall - that’s interesting to me.

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I tried these (this version, at least: last year and found they handled really weird. Being so large, but so light, they kinda bounced like basketballs. They also exhibited this weird wandering behavior – it was especially scary on hardpacked ruts. I actually had a big, high-speed crash I attribute to it.

I’m a big-volume, fast-rolling tire proponent, but something about these was really off.

Been really happy with Tufo’s Speedero 44. Before that I was on Terra Speed 45s, which rode awesome, but I had several punctures.


If you’re not set on schwalbe, rene herse makes slicks for gravelbikes in 38, 44, 48, 55mm which are really fast, especially their extralight variants. I run 44 and 55on two bikes and really like them. They are expensive though.

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