iPad Feature Request: enable splitview

Feedback from iPad air 2 user with the new wattbike atom 2020.

-erg mode wasn’t working…it’s stuck in resistance mode even though it says erg is on under the device info.
(Fyi this is an option I would actually like as there are currently issues with the atom and erg mode but that’s a different matter)

-the pause button in the top left and the three dots for options in the top right are too small and I found I had to tap the 3/4 times before they responded. Even though I could pause bu touching the screen I found this annoying as I like to touch the screen to view the info at the top of the screen eh time of day.

Did you mean to post that to the iOS Beta thread? :thinking:

Yes, this us where I was told to post my feedback of the beta app?

This thread is for discussion of split view on iPad - @IvyAudrain 's last post ( ^ a bit ) has a link to the iOS beta thread

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Oh, oops that’s what I thought I’d done

I know Bryce has left but is split view still a non-starter due to the architecture of the app?

Blog : https://sixtyplustimetrialling.wordpress.com/

Split view works with the new iOS Beta app just fine.


Brilliant. I am not on the Beta but will see about it.