Interval Lag Calibration (Feature Request)

Hi folks,

I’m hoping someone can help me out here or if not, open a feature request.

Setup - Bkool Smart Pro on ERG Mode with ANT+ connected to the laptop.

After doing Pierce I fancied a dive into the data to compare various intervals within the workout, I did so and noticed a lag in every interval. I’m using Sprint 27 below just for reference but it’s apparent in all of them.


You’ll notice i’m not quite hitting the power.
Whole Interval:
Actual / Target / Power Snippets:

You’ll notice that the “actual” and “power” lines are offset almost the same amount opposite sides of the target power. I don’t know what’s going on with the “actual” line but i’m nailing the interval target on my “power” line it’s just out with TRs constraints for the interval and is therefore chopping off some of the effort.

I know i’m getting the work done I just think it’ll be a bit of pain looking back at the overview of historical intervals when it says i’m 10 watts below the target. It would be good to be able to program in the lag so that it auto-corrects after the workout is complete or be able to drag the target power blocks for best fit of the “power” lines.

Hopefully this makes sense to someone, it ended up a bit of a ramble.


Hey @Calum_Hyslop,

This makes total sense, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestion with us.

There is an existing feature request thread on this topic though, so I am going to merge the two conversations so that we can keep all relevant discussion in one place.

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