Interesting new cycling products 👀

It’s been a visually interesting morning on cycling Twitter. These two new products were next to one another in my feed :neutral_face:

I submit without further comment :see_no_evil:

I just checked my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st :melting_face:


That is absolutely the first thing I thought lol. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought they looked, ahem, odd. Twitter has basically turned into a meme factory at this point….


The SaddleSpur concept, although with removable and different sized “backrests” has been used for nonsurgical treatment of certain congenital and acquired conditions for over 40 years.

What’s old is new again…

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Think I will pass.

I moved your post into the existing one with the same saddle.

Sorry, didnt see that.

No sweat, just keeping stuff together. :+1:

Velonews and The Escape Collective have both published front page articles on this saddle :joy:

I was beginning to worry that my mind was the only one in the gutter :grimacing:

Definitely not a good saddle choice for CX :scream:


Just when I thought the week in cycling gear couldn’t get any stranger … USWE says “hold my beer”

For your shopping pleasure: a $110 short fingered glove.

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I never wear gloves, so I see this as $110 saved!


Is that saddle mirror mesh? That would make all the difference :joy::joy: