InsideRide Rollers vs eFlex

I’d love to get feedback from anyone who has used both InsideRide e-motion and the KickR e-flex. I have a Kickr but having the flexibility of Kickr or rollers also has an appeal (albeit at a higher price point)

I have not used the official Inside Ride E-Motion rollers, but built a DIY setup that mimics them:

I have been using the E-Flex for a few weeks, and now with some mods. Here is my rather long review (with a short summary at the start).

Super short summary, I love them both, but I see the E-Flex as the best option as a single, do-it-all choice between the two.

  • This assumes you already have a Kickr and are mainly looking to add some freedom of motion without the associated extra level of difficulty that comes with rollers.

Thanks Chad. Which do you use more now? I first had rollers and enjoyed them but now have the Kickr since the addition of smart trainers.

So the complexity of rollers isn’t a concern.

I haven’t used my rollers actively in over 2 years. I have been using various smart trainers, coupled with DIY rocker plates mainly since then. I got an SBR Rockr Pro over a year ago and used that a ton. I’ve used the E-Flex lately for testing and really like what it offers. I think it’s probably the best bang for buck motion for anyone wanting the full Roll (left-right) and Surge (fore-aft) motion degrees of freedom, when you have a Kickr.