Iñigo San Millán training model

Apologies for being vague but the post was in context of @liam_mail 's post (last sentence) and not meant serious (in the context of physiology)

But serious in the context how our belief systems get conditioned.


It is not ISM Z2 training (my ISM Z2 range would be 210-220 based on an LT1 test) but I did an endurance test. Goal was 200km at 30/u.

6h40min at 0.73IF. Last hour I felt the legs. I did this ride also to test some DIY home fueling…


I think Stephen is wrong


Then please explain these results:

Specifically, if lactate suppresses lipolysis, why did quadrupling the concentration via exogenous infusion not have any effect on plasma glycerol or fatty acid levels*, or on the overall rate of substrate oxidation?

*I misspoke on Inside Exercise when I said Ra itself. Brooks has done a number of studies using stable isotopic tracers, so I was conflating things in my mind.


The dilemma must be too challenging. :wink:

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