I think my r8020 right shifter is a goner, ordered an SRAM force e-tap 2x12 groupset, what else do I need coming from r8020

I think my r8020 right shifter is a goner, so I ordered an SRAM force e-tap 2x12 group set ( spare parts are hard to find or rather expensive and this I could find for an attractive price ).

So what else do I need? A new hub, currently I have a DT swiss 11 speed hub, my bike is set up for r8020 shimano ultegra but the bike came with sram etap options too

You don’t need a new hub. Just a driver. The DT Swiss drivers are super easy to swap.

If you already have the little doo-dads for your frame you’re pretty much all set for everything else. Maybe some new bar tape.

The set did not come with a crank, which do I need?
I ordered the group below

I’m assuming that is normal (not wide) front derailleur. AXS crank (Rival, Force, or Red) in 46/33T, 48/35T. And 50/37T is available in Red


I managed to get the last asx red crank but it is 170mm unlike my ultegra which is 172.5mm. Looking around a bit more for 100 euro less I found a 172.5 force crank. Would the red work or should I get the 172.5 force crank.

So you didn’t get a complete groupset?

170 will likely work fine but no one here will know how that fits you specifically. The Force 172.5 will be the same as your current setup and also cheaper. That’s likely the safer bet.

You’ll also need a cassette and bottom bracket. The bottom bracket will be specific to your frame.

I’m not clear but it looks like you may need a chain as well.

I checked my bike with ASX mounted, it says DUB pressfit but there are many many different DUB pressfits BBs