How zwift category works?

Guys i have one question that right now my profile says i am on c category and i want to up my category to b so for that i don’t know how it works but i have done my ftp and it is more than 270Watts so does Doing ftp test and having more watts will increase my category form c to b? Or how it works? What i have to do to up my category? Please guide me it will be helpful

I posted the same link on the same question you just asked on the Zwift forum, which is probably the best place for it. :+1:

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Actually i have checked it already but i am having difficulty to understand can you please tell me in simple words. please guide me in short and simple words if you can i will helped me alot. and Means ftp test don’t matter in categories? If i increase ftp number for example 280 to 300 so doesn’t increase my category to c to b??

You can enter races in categories higher than what Zwift says you are so it doesnt matter :slight_smile:

The category enforcement just stops strong riders entering lower ranked races - not the other way round.


Zwift category enforcement uses actual results from rides in Zwift. It doesn’t use the FTP entered in your profile (which can be manually updated however you want).

zFTP - estimated FTP based on last 90 days of Zwift rides
zMAP - estimate Max Aerobic Power from last 90 days, this is similar to FTP, but measured over ~5 min durations (so will be quite a bit higher than FTP for most riders)

Zwift uses a combination of those, plus those values / kg, to pick your minimum category. You can always ride up a category (current ‘C’, you can enter ‘B’ if you want).

A 270W FTP on it’s own is pretty good, but I’m guessing one of two things is keeping you in the C race category…

  1. Not enough big/fast/high-effort rides in Zwift for the zFTP value to reflect your actual FTP.
  2. You’re a big person (~200lbs/90kg) which puts your zFTP/kg or zMAP/kg at the C level.

Okay thanks man i got it thanks for the information