How to create the Ultimate “Virtual World” indoor trainer environment (Bike Rumor)

reading article… seems a pretty limited in the equipment selection. There’s a few other things that I’d… wait… oh.

Ultimate SARIS “Virtual World” indoor trainer environment. Fixed. I’m all for the article… but for the love of clickbait hell why can’t the headlines be clear so people know what they’re reading? It’s not as if people will be fooled into thinking only those products would produce the Ultimate indoor solution.


Sure, clearly sponsored by Kinomap and Saris. Along the same lines as many GCN vids and others. But the discussion and ideas of FOV are likely new ideas from an immersion perspective to many indoor riders.

I spent over a decade in high level sim racing. In that world, we take great steps towards reproducing as much of the real racing experience as possible. In my day, that involved multi-monitor setups, fresnel lenses to increase effective screen size, remove bezels and create more FOV wrap. That visual connection was a big part of the process, as was the improvement in driving controls like wheels, pedals and shifters that got ever closer to the real thing.

I just think these considerations are cool to see now in my other love (cycling) to make the most of the time we spend on trainers.


While on the topic how come you guys don’t release unbiased reviews of trainers/rocker plates on your ytb channel and other platforms?

I’m sure whether if you have any partnership with other brands but if not this would likely provide a great insight for your users.

There might not be many ppl with a better understanding of indoor trainers and the market surrounding them (fans, rocker plates).
Thise videos might even spike interest outside the TR userbase.

I have wanted to become “the rocker plate guy” for years. I have made and used a number of them and want to continue design and evaluation in years to come. I share general feedback in the FB group and here whenever I can (see the threads on the MP1 and E-Flex for examples).

My main hurdle to doing more than that is time. I keep a fairly active training schedule, along with a 40 hr work week and a side hustle bike fitting in the summer, so doing testing and more importantly, production for info and vids is a big ask for me right now.

Second is space, as my current training room is cramped. Swapping in and out setups is a pain. And proper filming is not what I’d like to offer. I have considered just getting it done down and dirty, but not done it to this point. In an attempt to get where I’d like to be, we started a big remodel project on our basement. It will greatly increase useful training space, give easier access to loading different setups, and be easier to shoot vids. Whenever I get that done, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Till then, I plan to keep chatting and sharing what I can in the existing channels.