How Do You Rate Endurance Rides?

0.83 that’s level 6.5-7 1.5h sweetspot (with short recovery intervals though)

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I look forward to the day I can do a 4 hour ride @ 0.85IF and think yeah, that was moderate.

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To answer the original question “how do you rate endurance rides?”, I rate them exactly as I rate all other rides, answering how I felt when I was done as per

The survey asks “how did you feel?” and the page linked above says
“Don’t overthink it. Consider the overall difficulty of the ride and not how you expected it to feel.”
The same ride done a two different times can feel totally different, and that is what I answer in the survey.

Simple as that. I expect this to be true after workout level 2 as well and if it isn’t any more, I will change accordingly.


Interesting as what athletes actually do compared to what they think they did in terms of matching outdoor workouts came up again in the podcast.

I try to treat my unstructured work as just that, rather than match with a workout. So I just rate the ride as how I felt. I don’t recall having too many non-races that high IF (although maybe a few with lots of stops which may mess with the IF math?).

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Yup, there is some sidetracking and such that misses the point. Thanks for the statements and links to the survey support file.

That is the key and all this other “What’s endurance…?” stuff is not necessary to answer the initial question.

As also mentioned, there is a notable divergence here between what people are calling “Endurance” and what they are actually doing. With respect to that, it highlights the broad misunderstand that Ivy mentions on the podcast and here in the forum. People choosing to link actual TR Endurance workouts to these so-called “Endurance” rides are likely making a mistake since the work and associated Progression Levels assigned are not properly aligned.

That poor association issue should go away once we get Workout Levels Version 2, but that still means people need to “train” properly and follow intended training zones when outside. The current “over-performance” examples will still not align with the typical TR endurance workout, whether performed inside or outside.

ETA: Just to beat the dead horse, here is my personal chart:

Of particular interest in this context, see the 2nd line in my table. Keep It Simple in your review.

  • Consider the ENTIRE WORKOUT & how it FELT OVERALL.

Nothing about your expectations, nor how it should have felt, nor the effort you were supposed to do but didn’t.

  • Just “what you did and how it felt”.

I wouldn’t over think it. The ratings are just supposed to be a reflection of your RPE. So when you get off the bike, what is your first impression of how you felt during it?

But I would definitely reconsider if this is an ‘endurance ride’. Doing extended stretches of 90+% FTP isn’t an endurance ride. That’s just a long SS workout.


my endurance rides are between .66-.68 iF, Always!

Thanks Chad, Mwglow and others attempting to answer the question. I guess the answer is pretty simple and is what I’ve been doing. Just how does it feel at the end.

While I appreciate the thoughts and time that people have put into it, I wasn’t really angling at a discussion around what is and isn’t an endurance ride. This wasn’t a “workout”, most of the riding would have been in the upper endurance zone and getting through some technical sections and up some steep climbs requires pushing up above, dragging up the IF. Sometimes it’s important to see what a trail is like with a little bit of pace as things can be quite different.

There were no sustained efforts long enough for me to believe there’d be any major progression, or needle shifting in anything other than my overall cycling endurance and aerobic conditioning.

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