How did the bike industry get into such deep trouble?

Versus your 2 eBay examples I believe those are another $500 less on the Specialized website, at least for 2022 and 2023 inventory. Local dealers here sell at the Specialized discounted prices.

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Speaking of messes…seems like Scott is a total dumpster fire now. Yikes.


The website though has almost no sizes in stock. Interesting that the dealers blowing them out on ebay have every size.

I bet that if one wanted one, they could make some phone calls, save that dealer the ebay fees and get it for the Spec website price.

Part of me wishes I had waited for one of these deals but I got this frame for a song. I’m building it up now and it will be fantastic.

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I think a big part of selling on eBay is to make it less known / official about the lower rates. Save face in a way.


But how do you like the Fender P-Bass?

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My name used to be p-bass and everyone thought I was a fisherman. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Walton Money has kept that business afloat

They can’t sale what they can’t get. This happened to me when Transition released their 130 bike (can’t even remember the name). Anyway, I wanted the frame to build with parts I had….we waited…waited….and waited. It never became available, so I went another route.

Then Transition has the gall to let my LBS know that they need to make an order or lose their dealership deal…I told him to mention the bike he tried to sale me and never was able to get it.

I’m no lover of Walmart and avoid the store unless I’m stuck in a little town with no other grocer, but while your statement is true, that money is from the grandsons who have invested something like $100 million in mtb trail building in Bentonville. It’s brought huge tourism, created a cycling Mecca, and created a lot of cycling related jobs too. I think when it comes to Arkansas cycling, it’s important to look at both sides of that story.


There’s only two reasons I know of Bentonville, Walmart and the work the brothers have done with trails. I don’t even MTB, but I’d like to try the trails anyway.


There is a helluva lot more to the riding in Bentonville than just the trails….both the road and gravel riding is phenomenal.

I was just there last week and did two 3+ hour gravel rides….barely saw a car the whole time, exceptional roads / gravel and fantastic infrastructure in town for bikes. It really is amazing that you can find protected bike lanes in Arkansas and they are generally embraced by the community.

The revival I have seen in Bentonville over the 20 years I have been going down there is really impressive. The downtown area back then was not worth going into and most people went over to Rogers (next town) for food and such. Now downtown Bentonville is an awesome town with great restaurants and a fantastic vibe. Honestly, if the climate worked for my wife and her MS, I would move down there in a heartbeat.


Just don’t lay down in the water :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is this a reference to the water being infested with amoebas and if it gets up your nose it eats your brain?

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Same thing happened in Cuyuna Minnesota. It is a great example of how cycling can revitalize a town and economy.

And yet, some communities want to close trails and limit access. :man_shrugging:


My comment wasn’t to say anything negative about the Walton grandsons putting money into Bentonville, but it does help Allied…

Yep. That’s why I started with

Scott drama continues:


Well that escalated quickly

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meh. Probably just arguing about rim brakes vs disc brakes. I think the cops have been called on the Unpopular Cycling Opinions thread at least twice :person_shrugging:


It’s Switzerland, the police were probably there for a noise complaint from neighbours or the wrong recycling bins being used, etc.