Help Me Expand My Search for a Gravel Bike

Good to know. The Aspero website states the following. Click the right arrow above the bikes.

We designed Aspero with clearance for up to 700c x 40mm tires or 650b x 49mm tires. Of course, there are variables—rim width, tire casing, and tread depth—which will affect final clearance. We (and the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO), always recommend 4mm of clearance between the tire and frame.

$5500 for the eTap AXS version is also a bit above my price range, though. :frowning:

If I could find the Giant Revolt Advance 1 (2022) for $3500 I might pull the trigger.

My current gravel bike Revolt Advanced 0, 2021 that is. While it’s very good bike for general riding, training and racing, for Canyon Grizl CF sl or slx my reaction definitely is “would”. Personally on my third Canyon road bike, 100% satisfied, probably 8th Canyon in our family now after all these years. Took Giant just to try something different, but zero regrets, well maybe di2 instead of mech grx, but €€€…

Both have very good options for bikepacking kind of needs. Grizl sl tad lower price gives options to customize a bit more for given budget. Nice yellow imho! Personally always steering out of any kind of front suspension, as I’m always looking for very direct firm front end feed from gravel/cx kinda bike. FS for me is complete different philosophy towards mtb (used to race xco/xcm ages ago) and that sorta routes.

No cracking D-shape seat tube so far and stays up flawlessly with suggested tension + assembly paste.


Check out the Otso Waheela C. A large slammed would need a slightly shorter stem (90mm).


Just ordered a Lauf Race. They dropped the prices last week. If you’re in the US they just moved assembly to the US. A little over your price but $5100 to my door

@DocSavage I live close enough to Harrisonburg that I could drive to pick up a Lauf if that’s the way I go. :slight_smile: Doubt they’ll let me do it but it’d save on shipping! With the price drop, though, the Weekend Warrior Wireless fits within budget and already has a power meter, suspension, and handlebars I’m likely to keep. This is the reason I keep coming back to the Seigla - best value for all the things I’m looking for. The only things that have me concerns is a high bottom bracket and some reports of a speed wobble with the fork. On the other hand, I just don’t see any Lauf’s for sale - indicates that people really like them and see no reason to get something else.

Did you get the Rigid or the suspension fork? What color? When you ride it I’d love your impressions, especially compared to other bikes that you have. Thanks!!

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I got a blue med Lauf. The black was ready to ship today but my last bike was black. Ride report as soon as I can get some miles when it arrives

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One of our local guys has a Lauf and he loves the fork, FWIW.

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Ok…I hate to be that guy suggesting something totally off your list :thinking::grimacing::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Have you considered Ti @rkoswald ??

There are some killer deals at Lynskey right now. I had a GR300 for a while and it was a great bike. It comfortably fit 700x48 Rene Herse tires on 25mm internal rims. You could throw on a Redshift Shockstop stem for a bit more comfort, and there are lots of mounting points if you do a bike packing trip.


This is exactly why I made this thread … even if I did state carbon fiber only. :slight_smile:

I had not really considered a titanium bike. Ti has always been on my “watch list” - seems like everyone should own a ti bike at some point in their life. This is a great deal and I’ll look at it more - thanks!!

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Sorry if I threw you further into analysis paralysis! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The one I linked has external cables but there’s an internal option too … just wanted to mention that.

I just saw that - internal routing + an adventure stem (ie fork mounts) brings the total to $3500 - well within budget. :+1:

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That leaves some money for tires!! If you thought picking the right bike was a challenge, wait until you want to pick the right gravel tires!

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I run 700 x 43 mm Gravel Kings (which measure 44 mm) on my Aspero. If you want to reconsider the Aspero I can send a photo of the tire clearance.

@markb photos would be great! Thanks!!

This set up survived last year’s Unbound partial mud-fest and this year’s Paris2Ancaster mud slog. That being said, if I did another gravel event with a lot of mud, I would probably run 38s.


I’m riding Unbound this year. I’m running 47mm tires on a Diverge. One somewhat concern I have is clearance for mud. Looks visually to have more clearance than your pics, so maybe will be less of a concern.

What part(s) of the bike did you have most problems with for mud clearance? At this spot, how much tire-frame clearance did you have?

If it had not rained during Unbound, the mud would have been no issue. We used the paint sticks they gave out at registration to clear mid after the farm road hike-a-bike. The tightest spot is the curved part of the frame close to the back wheel. That’s a tight spot on the Aspero and some other bikes regardless of tire width.

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Thanks, this is super helpful!!

I tried a pair of Pirelli tires in my Roubaix, and they just weren’t going to work. Bought a Cervelo Aspero and it’s ready for more, bigger tires. I was disappointed in the Roubaix, but the Aspero is an awesome ride, so far.

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