Hammerhead Karoo 2

On my 530 rides/workouts upload automatically via Bluetooth to my phone, and sometimes via WiFi. What usually happens- I pass the house, end ride, and while riding around the block my watch thumps and shows the ride has been uploaded to Garmin, Strava, and TrainingPeaks. Without taking my phone out of pocket. And before pulling into the driveway.

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That’s my experience with my watch. Probably with my 530 too if I wait long enough. I usually give it a bump by syncing the Garmin App just because I don’t usually bring the 530 inside with me after the ride.

I don’t know about the ride data being on the cloud. It’s never been an issue as I don’t usually analyse the rides on Connect, but I see it upload to TR/Strava. I obviously need an internet connection to upload to TR where I analyse it so I’ve never had a reason to try without.

Works like this via Bluetooth;

  • Garmin device syncs to …
  • Garmin Connect app on my phone

which syncs to …

  • Garmin Connect cloud over cellular data or WiFi

And then GC Cloud sends to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Intervals.icu, RideWithGPS, SRAM AXS, Xert, and a few more.

It all happens in less than a minute - the time it takes to ride around the block on my quick cooldown.


Just wanted to drop a note on the navigation and re-routing

Also battery update: 5:32 ride time (5:45 total time with stops), all the sensors - 50% brightness - 46% battery remaining.

I gotta say the K2 saved my ride today! The re-routing worked flawlessly, was an hour into a route on unfamiliar roads when I got rerouted due to a house fire, road was completely closed, trucks everywhere. I hooked a right at the nearest turn off the road and the K2 took me a few miles to the west, had me skip over a couple really busy through streets, about the time I started to doubt I was back on the original route.

My Bolt last year would have shit the bed if I got that far off route.


I’m not one to buy to try, intending to return, bu t I’m returning my Karoo2.

I rode 4hrs yesterday and 4hrs today, and it ran out of batteries. FAIL
You can’t lap while on the map page. FAIL
You can’t zoom out, get oriented, and reset zoom without futzing screens, changing orientation, changing centre, and generally pinching the screen with frustration.
You can’t get the device in or off the mount without a forceful crack that sounds like it WILL break something on a cold day FAIL
You can’t upload your ride without connnecting to hotspot and many steps in a deep menu system. FAIL

Seems suitable for people who can put up with a Zwift-level of interface design. It’s a bit shit


just throwing this out there in case anyone wants to try the Karoo 2. I have a used one, and while I love the gps, routing, display, I can’t live without my di2 buttons to toggle between screens. it’s just a deal breaker for me. so if anyone wants to trade straight up for a 530, I’d be more than happy to make the trade. LMK


I agree with @adski. Just wrapped up their 45-day trial. I wanted to really like the K2 but was just too rough around the UX / UI edges for me to live with. It’s boxed and ready for the return trip.

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For those that have Karoo 2 how has it been thus far?

I’m looking to upgrade, battery life seems a mute point for me as I’m not having long 7+ hour rides. But what does concern me is the software

Had it for two years now, no issues ever and battery life has been good. Longest ride 8/9 hours and it lasted. Using 50/60% brightness.


Thanks for the info. I guess I just need to accept I will need to manually create the TR workouts to then ride outside and match them up once complete.