GRX Power Meter Options

XT M8000 (for the range and clutch function), with the Wolftooth TanPan adapter for my Ultegra 6800 shifters.


Are you running a different crankset then the GRX? If not, which P2Max did you get to fit the GRX crank?

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Did you end up getting a P2Max for your GRX? I’m a long time P2Max user and love their power meters. Considering a GRX build on a new gravel bike but can’t live without a P2Max on it.

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I did go for the P2Max! Still waiting for some other parts, so won’t be able to build it up before next week. I’ll let you know, if it all worked out…

Awesome! Did you get one to fit the GRX crankset or did you go with a completely different crankset?

If you went with the GRX crankset which P2Max did you get? 24mm 4 bolt Shimano?

All this is timely. I went back and forth with power2max support a few times and still don’t know exactly what the options are. I believe a GRX crank will not work as the spider is not removable. If you want to keep the GRX BB, you can give their Rotor options a shot. They said the rotor will weigh similar and the chainring will be 1 mm inboard vs. GRX (though I haven’t confirmed that and on the Rotor size it seems more like 3.5). If you change BBs then there are other options. Easton is the closest, chainline wise. I have also been interested in Praxis, but that seems more narrow and P2M North America are waiting for them to come in.

I’m using a Power2Max meter on Rotor Aldhu 24mm cranks, shimano PF BB, Absolute Black Oval 42t chainring, grx 812 rd and 11 to 46 sun race cassette and all works perfectly.

I went with their set option which is the NGeco with the Rotor ALDHU24 crankset.
I had to go with the road variant since this was the only feasible crank / BB combination for my frameset.
It’s going to be a 1x setup with a Rotor noQ narrow wide 42ring. As I understand it you can’t use the GRX crankset with any P2Max.
The chainline of this Rotor crank setup is slightly narrower than the GRX would be (49mm vs 50mm) but that should not be a problem.

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That option made the most sense to me as well. I’ve had an NGeco on a Rotor 3D30 crankset set up as a 1x on my cross bike for a couple years now. No issues at all. Great power meters.

In case this helps anyone, I have a GRX crankset on my Cervelo Aspero and went the Stages power meter install route. There’s plenty of clearance for the GRX Stages PM on the Aspero


Honest question, why not just use road shoes and power pedals on the gravel bike? Unless you know ahead of time that there’s likely to be a lot of hiking, I can’t see any need for MTB pedals.

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super easy with a SRAM crank and power2max GXP spider or a 1x setup, if that’s what you use. SRM pedals, when they come out., to easily move between bikes Hopefully they will have on for flat pedals eventually as well.

contrary to what people might say, you can get a SRAM road crank and put MTB spider and rings on it. The only difference is between GXP and BB30 spider offsets. SRAM Force crank with 42/28 MTB rings, MTB derailleurs, and road cassette, FTW. Cadence.

It matters. I just had a GRX chainset installed on my randonneuring bike (steel). I had the mechanic take home various front derailleurs and the only one that worked was the GRX, but boy does it ever work. Even the mechanic was impressed. He would show others who came into the shop … “This just shifts. It is as clean as a Di2 shift” he would say.

He did tell me, mumbling, “if you ever have to change the wire, come in.” That didn’t comfort me much considering wires like to break in the dark, in the middle of nowhere. I’ll just change often. Turns out that setting up the derailleur is the hard part, probably not changing the wire itself.

Love that 46/30 in the front. Now it makes sense to have 11 as the smallest in the back. I actually use it.

Edit: I use Favero Assioma pedals.


As a hack level mechanic, I can vouch for the fussy nature of setting up the new style Shimano front derailleurs, as compared to older designs.

The new ones work great once set, but getting them dialed seems to be a trial and error effort. Even true when I follow the exact procedure from them. Pros can probably get it easier, but I don’t do them often enough.


Most of the events I have done are in the east and early season, and have been jazzed up with bottlenecking mud chutes, making some portions hike-a-bike. In these cases, MTB shoes are a better option than road shoes with my Vector 3s. Not sure about events like DK or western gravel races. Also have had mechanicals in unsupported races and MTB shoes allow a better walk of shame option.

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Easton Cinch, single sided, need new BB.

reply was for op, oops.

What size frame did you go with on on the Aspero and what was the issue?

Hey all.
I received a note from 4iii today to let me know that they are now accepting orders for Factory Install on GRX 810 cranks (one side only).
I am going to go with this option as Stages latest update is that they are looking to ship to Canada in Mid-March.

Just thought I would circle back on this since I started the thread!


Just pulled my L GRX crank arm and boxed it up. Ultegra 6800 arm slipped right on without issue, so at least I won’t be without my primary ride for a couple of weeks.

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