GRX Power Meter Options

Funny - I have been evaluating GRX power meter options for days now!
In principle another option could be power2max:

They were positively mentioned in DCRainmakers 2019 powermeter overview.
I have contacted them to ask about the compatibility with GRX. They responded that it could work with a wolf tooth chainring. Though their concern is that depending on the frame there might be an issue with the chainline. GRX chainline is wider than Ultegra which might cause the chain to make contact with the frame…

However they were very supportive and offered to send me a Powermeter to test it (sort of in their own interest to understand this)
Not sure if they’d make a similar offer to Canadian customers but wanted to share since just having taken my deep dive and power2max seeming to be the only sort of option for a crank based powermeter.

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Looks like Ray is excited about the SRM X Power pedals. And at least for us Europeans, the pricing doesn’t look too bad. More than Favero, sure, but already within a stone’s throw of Garmin — and that’s on SPD with SRM tech.

I’m going to get a Breed as well, but likely the SRAM version. For that, I’m planning on a SRAM Force 1 AXS crankset for power and a later upgrade to AXS.

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Where I live it’s pretty flat and the 11/34 will cover me but I think getting an 11/36 would be nice for heading toward the mountains.

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Since we are talking about the Breed - I did my first proper gravel ride on it this weekend. It was day and night better than my old gen 1 Diverge with CX tires. Brought a big smile to my face. Quick steering, smooth rolling (great tires). Good saddle - I generally rip them off straight away and put my normal saddles on, but I liked it. I didn’t feel beat up at all after almost 40 miles on pretty aggressive fire roads / single track, where most people were running mtbs. The quibbles I have (beyond the pm issue) - on the size 56, the 46 wide handlebar + flair is too wide. Not as bad as I thought, but will be swapping to likely 42 with some flair. The bottle mounts are oddly positioned. Can’t fit a taller bottle on the seat tube and get it out (bc of sloping top tube and high mount position). And the higher downtube mount seems impossible to get things in/out easily. Will be investing in some side loading cages. And it is a bit heavier than need be. The wheels, without rotors/cassette are 1870g. Overall, the SRAM build saves about 1-1.5 lbs over the grx though. Overall though, such a great bike. Great geometry, features, price, looks, etc.


Some have had issues with them, but I have had great luck with my Raceface/Easton spindle power meter. The alloy Easton cranks are pretty cheap and can’t weight much more than GRX. Plus they use Cinch so more chain ring options

This might be of interest

In terms of chain stay clearance the 4iiii is tiny, if you can fit, say a garmin cadence sensor, then you probably have room for a 4iiii

Official info on testing for 4iiii clearance.


I’ve got Ultegra Stages L option on my Canyon Grail AL 2020 with GRX groupset. Works just fine for me :slight_smile:


Just to follow up, my gen 2 Stages 6800 Ultegra 170mm crank decidedly does NOT fit on my size 56 Felt Breed. Hits the chainstay. Bummer.

Stages formally announces GRX options…seems like they are available now.


I’ve been running GRX 1x on my OPEN U.P. with a Power2max PM and a WolfTooth 38T and a 11-40 Cassette since September with no issues.


Thanks for the share.
Sadly they still seem to only do GRX by factory install on your own crank arm…and they won’t offer this to Canadian customers. Their reply indicated late Feb or early March.

Just witched from 105 to GRX 1x on my Jamis Renegade Exploit - just kept the left side 4iiii 105 crank arm, works fine for me, for now.

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No, if I am reading this correctly, you can get a left-side only or dual sided, pre-installed GRX cranks form them.

Riders can buy left-only GRX meters, and right-only, left-only, and dual-sided meters for XT and XTR, beginning at $349 for GRX 810 L Power up to $1,199 for XTR LR Power.

Or, if you have a buddy in the US, could you just ship your crank to them and ask them to send it to Stages?

I was hoping that was the case…I messaged them directly to find out, and it isn’t. :frowning:

@mcneese.chad mcneese.chad, post:24, topic:27266"]
Currently, I have a 50/34 with an 11-40 and love the bail out gearing.
I’m tempted to use a Sram 11-36 cassette with the new GRX 48/31 to get a nice low gear, just about the same as my current setup.

What rear derailleur are you using with the 11-40 cassette?

XT M8000 (for the range and clutch function), with the Wolftooth TanPan adapter for my Ultegra 6800 shifters.


Are you running a different crankset then the GRX? If not, which P2Max did you get to fit the GRX crank?

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Did you end up getting a P2Max for your GRX? I’m a long time P2Max user and love their power meters. Considering a GRX build on a new gravel bike but can’t live without a P2Max on it.

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