Grx 400 crankset with 11-28 and tiagra short cage

Hello, this combination is probably one of the best for my needs taking into consideration I like short cage like tiagra 4700 rear derailleur. Shimano says that this derailleur can handle max cog 28. So to improve climbing its much better to get a grx crank than a tiagra medium cage and 11-32 cassette. Especially since I don’t use 50-11 combination.
So my question is: can I use tiagra chain, short cage derailleur, grx 10 speed crank, and a 10 speed 105 cassette 11-28?

To make it even better, 105 short cage can handle max 30 cog of cassette. So in the above mentioned combination, could i replace the cassette with a e.g miche 11-30 and use the tiagra chain, even though I use 105 derailleur?


I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t. You would also have to get a grx front derailleur as the grx crank is spaced out further than their road stuff.

Yeah that sounds like it would probably be okay.

I don’t think it can “officially”. Shimano states the max on their 5700 series derailleurs to be 28. But shimano is usually a bit conservative with their limits so a 30 could probably work.