Gravel tyres with TPU-inner tubes

Looking for input on gravel riding with TPU inner tubes. Not keen on tubeless, is this a “worse” option than regular butyl tubes? Grateful for input.

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TPU is supposed to be more puncture resistant. However, some TPU tube makers had issues with tubes failing at the seams / valve and gave a bad impression early on.

For better or for worse, it’s the way I’m going this season. I don’t have tubeless wheels so I have to run tubes of some sort. The TPU tubes offset the extra weight of a Redshift stem.

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I’ve had great success with the Tubolito X-CX and CX lines. The CX are lighter, but I like the X-CX because Tubolito will stand by them with a one year warranty.
I race a lot of fast, rocky gravel roads but have not had to use the warranty yet.

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Why aren’t you keen on tubeless? If you’re already running 60psi or less the improved grip, puncture resistance, and reduced rolling resistance of tubeless are a no brainer. Even if your wheels aren’t tubeless you can probably set them up ghetto tubeless with a 26” inner tube or a rim strip.


What tyrepressure do you use? Your weight is?
Sounds good to hear that you are happy with them!

Its a bit more hassle, when theres no actual room for this kind of procedures at home, so thought I might get a bit of tubeless benefits by using TPU.

Love my Tubolito’s on the road, never had a flat with them, but lots of flats with butyl.

My LBS recommended them highly as being stronger and lighter than butyl, so I’ve just switched to them.

I ride tubeless and carry TPU tubes as a backup. However, if I decided to go back to inner tubes I would most likely choose latex tubes. Latex has low rolling resistance, is very comfortable and also more puncture resistant than a butyl tube with the same weight.

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I ride 48 in the front at 49 in the back in Perelli Cinturato Gravel H tires. I weigh 157lbs currently. Have been really pleased.