Gravel race tyres-Italy

I’m heading over to Italy to race in the gravel championships which are being held in Vicenza, in October. Course is 165km, flat, 75% gravel, 25% asphalt.

Gravel is described as “ The gravel worlds courses will be about three-quarters typical Italian white gravel sections – similar to those found in Strade Bianche – and cobbled sections. The remaining quarter will be made up of asphalt roads.”

Also states technical gravel at the start and finish.

Is there anyone who has ridden these roads that could share some thoughts on tyre selection.

I already own-38mm pathfinders, Sworks pathfinders 42mm, GK SK 43mm, Cinturato M 45mm. I have also order Challenge Strada Biancha 36mm tyres, can borrow Cinturato 35mm H.

Would love some feedback from anyone familiar with this area?

And or feedback on the Challenge Strada Biancha 36mm.

Kind regards

I haven’t ridden round there, but I’m interested for the future… so I had a search…

There’s a map of the course on Pozzato’s site

And I found some other guy who rides gravel around there : Percorsi gravel a Vicenza who seems to do everything with Pathfinders

If you look at his three routes there are Komoot maps that give an idea of the contours. Looks like the wiggly bit south of Vincenza is quite hilly, then flatter all the way to north of Padua.

I guess tyre choice is going to be heavily influenced by the first hills, and your ambitions… If you just want to get round then a slightly chunkier tyre (Pathfinder? Cinturato H?) will get you through the hills, but if you’re looking to do well then there’s over a 100km where a faster tyre is going to make a big difference (Strada Bianchi?). Looks like the Cinturato M would be too chunky.

Are you going to in the region long enough beforehand to test ride some bits?

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If it’s like Strade Bianchi roads I might look at something like Conti 5000 TR in 32mm on some 22 to 25mm internal rims, set up tubeless of course.

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