Gravel Glasses.......really?

Never let it be said the bike industry didn’t try and find a way to capitalize on a trend…FFS.

“Sorry guys…can’t make the gravel ride today. I could only find my road glasses so looks like I have to hit the asphalt instead.”

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I have two pairs of glasses - my normal ones and my sunglasses. I can see pretty much perfectly with either, and I ride whatever I want in them too. Nix to “gravel specific” anything.


If you have a ride that’s 50% gravel and 50% pavement, do you have to switch glasses during the ride? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


oakley has been creating lenses for different sports/conditions for ages… road, trail, snow, deep water, shallow water, field (e.g baseball), golf, and even for gaming (ideal for your zwift with a heavy fan on your face :smiley: )
sure the will hop on to the gravel train too.


Yes. On pavement they go solid black so you can’t see. Thems the rules. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hear gravel glasses reduce tire rolling resistance by 7 watts. I read it on the internet so it must be true. Maybe TrainerRoad would fund a study I’d be willing to conduct.

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Only interested if I can get them bundled with the special gravel pump.


Yes, my team car pulls up and we switch out the shades.

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Gravel specific Team Car?


On a more serious front, if they made a specific set of glasses with good lenses that were also higher impact resistance, I would be interested. Every pair of glasses I’ve ever worn on gravel get scratched up from the rider in front of me throwing rocks.

Personally, I have a set of Adidas Evil Eye sunglasses with inserts. I have different sets of lenses for the glasses. I find that when I ride gravel in the summer (which involves both open gravel roads and shaded trails) I tend to prefer orange lenses on my sunglasses as they protect my eyes from sun while also en enhancing (or at least keeping) the contrast when shaded.

Whether that warrants gravel specifik sunglasses… probably not. But dark glasses that may work on the road does not (at least for me) work when I am intermittently riding on trails.

Sure…but those benefits also apply to MTB (and arguably even road).

Honestly, there are very few gravel-specific accessories that are actually justified…most have equal uses across other disciplines. There are very few instances that I can think of where a gravel-specific design is required.

I don’t agree. I’d rather have lightweight over durability for those applications. I’ve never been pelted with rocks for 10 minutes at a time on the road or mtb.

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Tifosi Fototec Clarion Red for every cycling situation :ok_hand:


Got me thinking… I could repackage this as a gravel specific AERO face shield and make a killing. Thoughts??

Sellstrom Advantage Series Face Shield - Clear Window with Aluminum Binding - Comfortable Ratcheting Headgear


It would protect my freshly waxed handlebar mustache :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Let me clarify…improved scratch protection is a benefit for all glasses. They can get scratched in any number of ways…dropping them, putting in a bag, crashing, etc.

You don’t need a gravel-specific glass to get benefits from increased scratch protection.

I can tell you on the moto when you have dark goggles and then go into the woods you cant see crap. But this does seem like a reach

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Don’t be silly.
You only need to change the lenses !!!