Gravel Bikes for DK200

Here are some reviews if you want to read a bit.

This is a good podcast discussing the bike and some of the turbulence it seems to be causing in and out of Evil.

Tell me more!

Well, I heard from a guy, who heard from a guy…

  • Top end carbon (700) and adjustable Isospeed were what I saw mentioned.

Speculating (because who doesn’t love that? :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Something sparked from the latest Domane SLR (adj Rear & Front Iso) seems like a reasonable start
  • Open it up for wider tires
  • Maybe ditch the Stranglehold to save weight
  • Open the wheelbase and head tube a bit to make it more stable at speed
  • Lots-O-Mounts like the current SL

But as always, I reserve the right o be totally wrong .


Listened to the pod last night re: the CH…while reserve the right to change my mind if I ever ride one, but based on what I heard in the pod, I’m standing by my original postiion - the CH is not the right tool for the job at DK.

It is clearly designed for more technical trails / routes…again, would be perfect for the Grinduro and the trails they were riding in AZ. But for wide open farm / gravel roads, I think it is too much. When the guys who designed say “it will be OK at Kanza”, that translates to “Yeah, it will work but maybe not the best”, IMO.

If I were getting a new bike this year for DK, I’d look at the Topstone, the Cervelo Aspero, or maybe the Salsa Warbird. IMO, for DK you are better of with a “Road bike heavy” design as opposed to a “Mountain bike lite” design.

Assuming equal tires in place and matching rider fit, what exactly hurts the CH vs others, for DK or other “mellow” gravel races?

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Thx. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet.

Like the sound of the checkpoint. I really like my Domane.

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For me, it starts with the basic positioning of the bike from Evil themselves - “we started with a mountain bike and then made a gravel bike out of it” . I can’t think of anyone who has said “Man, i really wish I had a drop-bar mountain bike for DK.”

I’m also not sold on the idea of a 45mm stem. Instinctively, that seems like a poor solution for proper handling, especially when the front wheel is so far in front of you. I get the concept, but I think they pushed it too far.

Back in my bike product development days, I did some pretty interesting specs…some for production, some to play around with, so while I can personally be a “traditionalist” (as if that could exist in gravel, right?), I can appreciate pushing the edge on things. I spec’d a long TT, short stem CX bike way back in '99 and am pretty sure I was the first one to throw discs on a CX bike (special build for Interbike in 2000)…I dig wild stuff. The CH is definitely a cool bike, I just don’t think it is right for DK.

My guess is that they (or someone else) will refine it, dial it back a little, maybe steepen the HT a bit more (69* maybe?) and out a slightly longer stem on it…still stable but a little quicker.


I totally get what you are saying, and have said much the same that they are on the fringe, and expect something of a happy medium right where you said.

But I still haven’t seen anything that actually points to a specific reason the CH will perform worse than “traditional” gravel bikes.

I agree that it looks different. But I don’t think that alone slows it down or makes it a “bad” choice. Especially considering if what it offers the rider is confidence and control that that may lack when compared to another option.

All just fun speculation and I hope to get a shot to ride one some day.

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Ah, perfect. He’ll rock that! :smile:

If you go listen to the podcast episode on aerodynamics at the specialized win tunnel, @Nate suggests they build a drop bar version of the epic for gravel as it would be his perfect bike!!


Also, one of this week Velonews’ podcasts is a 30 minute feature with the CEO of Evil Bikes with a deep dive on the thoughts behind the Chamois Hagar. Worth a listen for sure.


Interesting table, I might have missed it, but it’s missing “maximum tire width”, this would be critical as I wouldn’t even consider a “gravel” bike unless it could run 50mm tires. Yes, I’m leaning more toward a monster cross, for anything in the 30-40mm might as well ride a CX bike, which in the rough stuff isn’t much better than a road bike. If I’m going to ride gravel, I want much more tire width and bump absorption, and that’s going to be handled by a tire in the 45-50mm range.

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I have it further down on the sheet :wink:
Ran out of room for the screen shot, and still need to find the data for several bikes.

Ahh very good, I hope you make it public when you’re done. :slight_smile: I’m keen to get something in the m-cross range as I said. Bikes on my list would spec out like the Bombtrack EXT-C.

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Not sure if it’s the best choice specifically for the DK, but the Cannondale Topstone w/ SRAM Force AXS would be my pick for an all-road ride to add to the quiver.

I have a Felt Breed on order, the same white model that Vegan Cyclist road DK on last year.

I wanted a geo close to my endurance road bike, a Trek Domane. I also wanted a T47 bottom bracket, a bento box mount, fender eyelets for the rain here in northern Germany, 650b compatibility, and tire clearance for at least 700x45 and 650x50. Also wanted an easy upgrade path for power and then AXS, and I have a Power2max power meter coming today that will go on the Praxis Zayante Carbon cranks the bike comes with.

Were it not the Breed I would have likely gone for a Warbird or a Topstone, but neither of them ticked all the boxes and I wasn’t in love with this year’s Warbird colors (the Breed has confetti, and will get colorful/loud accessories like hubs, headsets and the like down the line). So that’s my thought process.


Might also consider Jamis renegade. Not as blingy as others but I’m big fan of Jamis bikes

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Here is what I have with the Max tire size shown.


Trek checkpoint. That isospeed will be comfy on that long haul and the geo is just as racey as the warbird. Big tire clearance too.

I love the Isospeed on my Boone, but the Salsa VRS5 on the WB is also well regarded (though I haven’t tried it myself), so I think both have comfort well covered.

The geo between the 2 bikes is quite different with the CP being more “roadie” with it’s setup vs the WB. And both claim the same max tire size. Quite similar in ways and different in others.