Giant Trinity - Braking

Hi guys,
My tri bike broke, so I’m needing to get a new one!

I had a ribble tri ultra with rim brakes. As a cheaper option I was thinking of buying a frame and transferring the groupset, carbon wheels etc. over.

I was thinking of getting the Giant Trinity - I’ve heard the brakes are awful, does anyone have any experience and perhaps has compared it against other brands?

Can confirm they’re terrible at slowing you down and finicky to set up. Not used any other TT bike to compare them to.

I’ve still done TTs on wet and windy days without issue. Very rare to do anything technical in a TT, or need to do anything more than feather the brakes. It’s a compromise I’m happy to make.

If braking is a significant concern for you, you might want to go discs to be honest.

Thanks, I have a 70.3 and full ironman this year, both on flat courses so they shouldn’t be an issue, its more training on Scottish roads! Other than the braking are you happy with the Trinity?

I would love to go disc and 12 speed but the cost of new tri bikes is insane and finding stock isn’t great either.

It isn’t braking during races that is the issue, it is training on your TT bike that causes problems.

And yes, the Trinity is notorious for poor braking….you can do some things to improve it…better cables, different brake pads, etc…but the basic design is still pretty poor.

I know what you mean, I’m in the East England and I don’t find it fun on training rides along country roads. But then, I’m a road racer first and my Trinity is set up for 10 mile TTs so comfort isn’t a high priority! I don’t do many miles on it outside of races.

I’m happy with it. Got me an open TT win in its first outing, so can’t ask for much more than that!

The brakes are the worst part of it in my view, everything else is great.

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They are reportedly pretty slippery bikes….and once they got the hydration system sorted, well designed other than the brakes.

+1 to everything commented on below. Brakes are a PIA, but the bike is great otherwise.