Giant Revolt Frame Crack Issues

I’m considering a carbon Giant Revolt for a gravel bike, but have seen a number of posts on Facebook and Reddit about the 2022 models cracking at the top of the seat tube. However, I’m seeing mixed reports about whether it is due to D-Fuse seat posts, 30.9 seat posts, or happens independently of seat post diameter. If anyone has some info I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

My model is the 2021 Revolt 1. No cracking, but the D-fuse seatpost has been a pain in the arse. Every time I make an adjustment to it there is a 50-50 chance a nasty clicking noise comes back, coming from the proprietary seatpost clamping mechanism.

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Thanks for the info. Some FB groups claim the 2022 cracking issue is due to the insert used to make the D-Fuse post round where it enters the frame, and that there are no issues with round posts.

Giant give a lifetime warranty on most carbon frames and wheels


Can vouch for this, my XTC advanced frame developed a crack around the seat tube above the BB, 2012 model frame, Giant replaced with a 2017 at the time. Depends obviously on stock, but was a one week turnaround.

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Giant are one of the better companies with regard to warranty in my experience, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Just make sure you use carbon paste and a torque wrench!


My Advanced 1 with D-Fuse and zero problems.

I’m on the upper limit of my frame size so seatpost is all up in it’s limits but no problems and I’m medium heavy 167. Just carbon installation paste and torq wrenched and left there, no adjustment needed. Like at all.

Was bit afraid when I first got this as I read peoples comments with some cases…but so far so good. Have taken it very very rainy hard gravel rides and occasional quite rocky roads and broad temperature conditions too.


I have a 2022 Revolt Advanced 0 which has a slight cracking at both sides of the insert.

I’ve made the Giant dealer aware of the problem but will continue riding it until I’m sure the seat post problem has been rectified and stock is more readily available.

I have no intention of changing to a round seat post and see no reason why I should.

Besides I like the colour of the current bike.

I’d be careful. I’ve seen warranties refused in circumstances where riders have carried on using items after damage has been observed (I’m not saying that’s right, merely that it’s happened).