Giant Power Pro - TrainerRoad Calibration

I recently got a new Giant TCR that came with the Giant Power Pro power meter. It seems to have issues calibrating with Trainerroad. It seems to calibrate okay with the giant app and the wahoo elemnt bolt, but when trying with Trainerroad the cog just keeps spinning and never calibrates. Has anyone else seen this issue with the Giant Power Pro or any other power meter?

Have you reported this to

Not yet. I’ll go ahead and do that.

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How’d you go with this set up mate? I am considering buying a Propel with this power meter installed. Is it compatible with Trainerroad and power match?

@Harts The power pro power meter has worked well so far. it is compatible with TR and power match, but does not seem to calibrate through the TR app. You need to calibrate with the Giant app prior to using TR.
Power numbers seem to be very similar to the numbers with my stages PM.

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