Gears With Chad

I saw several comments in the tread on last weeks podcast and thought we could “Help” @chad by putting it in one place

I do agree like the idea of not being focused on TR putting $50k to get Ian Boswell (really nice guy btw) or Pete Stetina, etc there. Follow the example from another Spokane running race Bloomsday. Trainer Road jersey given at the finish line to finishers and not ever available to purchase. Gears With Chad 100 mile FINISHER wrapped around the Trainer Road logo.

I want a date now so I can add it as an “A” event for 2023

Either way


I’d fly across the country for this event. Sounds so fun


Ditto! It’s a part of the country I would love to experience on a bike with like minded people!


I mentioned this in the other thread but I’m definitely in. I live in the area and would be able to volunteer for some sort pre-race/setup type duties as well

I’m 100% in too. I’d happily make the drive down from BC. I haven’t explored the trails in the Spokane area yet, so what better way than Gears With Chad?

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For the sake of quick reference, here is the official podcast topic that includes some existing comments and suggestions about this proposed event:


Love the idea, though the emphasis on having to attract top pros leaves me flat, as it doesn’t add anything to my experience. And having part of my TR subscription help fund a prize purse that I have zero chance of getting doesn’t really seem right. (Yeah yeah, it’s advertising and I already fund some of that, but this feels like a bit of a different animal.)

I’d totally come out for a great event in a new (to me) part of the country and featuring a wide cross-section of the TR family (hosts, guests, customer support folks, engineers), fellow TR users, and a curated selection of local beverages. If some known riders show up, that’s cool, but not a consideration. I think that’s the magic recipe, at least for me.


What about discounted entry to TR users who have paid for recently completed a year’s worth of subscription? Might be an interesting way to drive membership. This sounds like it would be a great race, but I will definitely not be coming as I can hardly get a hall pass to do a Saturday morning group ride, much less an overnight trip across the country for a race.


Just want to clarify things on the prize purse and pro riders.

There are many ways to fund a prize purse beyond just using our subscription revenue. If we do this, it’ll be sustainably and intelligently done.

The reason for inviting pros is exposure and excitement. Putting on an event like this is a massive undertaking, and if it doesn’t have a big reach, that would be a failure.

But rather than worrying about prize purses and famous people attending, I think it’s much more productive to discuss what you would want out of a gravel event. I’m going to make some polls for y’all to vote on, and please share thoughts below!

What race format would you prefer?
  • Start-Finish timed race
  • No Timing – just route completion
  • Enduro format – Only select portions of the course are timed

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What social format would you prefer?
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Team (+3)

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Do you want gravel-bike appropriate singletrack?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Indifferent

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How much road would you like in this gravel race?
  • None
  • Less than 30%
  • 50% or more

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How long would you like this event to be?
  • 50mi
  • 75mi
  • 100mi
  • 125mi
  • 150mi

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How much would you pay for personalized nutrition at each aid station?
  • I wouldn’t pay for that
  • I would pay $5
  • I would pay $10
  • I would pay $15

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During which season would you like the race to occur?
  • Spring (Likely cold/muddy)
  • Summer (Likely hot/dusty)
  • Fall (Likely cold/possibly anything!)

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What else would you like to see at the event? Live interactive podcast? VIP interviews? Live music? Any other ideas?


Live Beers With Chad.


Definitely a podcast recording/streaming at the event. Other than that, just a good race/festival atmosphere with vendors/swag, etc. Make it a community event for the whole family.


A beer chugging contest at the end of the race?


I marked a distance of 150, but honestly, I’d be good for anything 100+. Less than that and it’s hard for me to justify the trip.


What does “social format” mean?

I had a hard time voting on that one because you don’t know the ascent gained. 75 miles and 10,000ft is a long hard ride. 100 miles and 1,100ft is easier.

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The Mohican 100 gives acknowledges the “last of the Mohicans”. We need some kind of DFL but not DNF award


Whether you’d race as an individual, with a partner, or part of a larger team.


I know @Nate_Pearson mentioned in the podcast about custom nutrition…but rather than an add on, why not just make that a feature of the race, and bake the cost into the price, especially if the difference is only $10-$15.



Needless to say there are two major differentiators for this race:

  1. Location (if you are traveling to this race, it better be in a good route)

  2. TrainerRoad involvement. Plenty of races in the year but this is the only hosted by TR.

With that on mind, I think you would need to “milk” those two differentiators to increase the value of the race.

Aspect 1 is easy because every race has to do this. Find an amazing route and work with locals to get support in towns and if possible closed roads for the start and finish.

Aspect 2, I would love to see a great pre-ride riders meeting hosted by the Podcast TR staff. Similar to a live podcast but tied to the race which helps pump the riders and prep them for the day to come. Perhaps include great co-sponsors and provide gifts etc to make this the biggest pre-ride event ever. Think about gifting TR memberships for a year etc. That has more appeal to me than a winning purse (probably because I know I wont win).