Gaining Weight to Get Faster, Motivation, Fasting and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 348

I have tons of free advice about gaining weight :stuck_out_tongue:


I mainly just appreciate that clicking the link for tomorrow, YT curated the perfect podcast as a second recommendation.

Again, as long as they go in depth on explaining the differences in opinion between the past and new advice it should be good. Last time I think a lot of confusion came from not addressing the different reasons for doing different weight routines which was explained more in the forum later.

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We’re covering this exact thing tomorrow.


@MI-XC It will be really interesting to hear what everyone has to say.

It all comes down to the trade off between loss in strength relative to gain in w/kg, assuming the weight is muscle and not just water weight and or fat. I was touching on the question from another angle in this thread and it seems like it might be best to stay stronger rather than lighter:

I posted this on the YT vid, but to make sure and cover the bases…

Alternate suggestion for Coach Chad… follow me into BMX racing this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I am returning after a 20 year absence, and getting to apply some of the TR training I’ve had for so long with some more exciting and super short races (1 minute or less) is a refreshing and different direction. I am pretty sure there are a number of BMX tracks within reach over there, so might be worth a trip to the tracks just to see at least :wink:

It can take so much of his foundation and be a great building block. His current preference for strength training plays right into the short, sharp and powerful nature of BMX starts and riding the track. He’s got the great handling skills from his MTB riding, and could just learn to apply that to jumps and rollers on a track. This would also leave the gravel side untouched so he can scratch the competitive itch without negatively impacting the other fun side he wants to preserve.

I’m happy to help with any tips, finding tracks or other questions if he is even interested. Either way, hope he finds something fun and motivating to compete in if that is what he wants.


If I have to listen to BMX talk on the podcast there is a near 100% chance I’d tell my parents to bring my circa 1994 TNT down next visit, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

I request a trigger warning if this happens.


If I have learned anything about Coach Chad over the years (bold proclamation I admit, but with particular attention to the season end podcast), it’s that any competitive venture he is likely to take will be more private than public.

I think there is notable stress and distraction from taking on their prior challenges in such a public light. I know I’d have a hard time being that open with the whole process and could totally see taking a much more reserved and private approach with stuff like that in the future.

I’d wager to guess that any coverage of his events will be minimal at best, and be easily dwarfed by the impending onslaught of run & swim coverage that we are sure to see in the coming year+ :wink:


For event ideas, I am sure you have seen this already, @Jonathan, but the just announced USAT gravel tri is something different to consider.

The Sprint and Oly distance ones could be a nice, short option to do with minimal “extra” prep vs the longer road ones (HIM, IM).

I’m as mesomorph as they come, since I started training, eat and fuel consistently the last 3 years, I gained 6 kg in weight. Gradually my weight went up, performance went up as well. Since I’m 95kg right now, with 12% of fat, which I tend the get lower to 10% every spring, I don’t worry to much about a little less or more.

And even though i outweigh everyone I compete or ride with, I’m far from the slowest climber. With 188 cm in length and this bulk, I still manage to stand my ground in Amstel Gold Race and Ronde Van Vlaanderen terrain. And I did the Alpe d’Huez in 64 minutes. Even if I wanted to, getting below 90 kg is extremely difficult, and I wouldn’t know why either.

Being diligent with what I eat and keeping it in line with my training brought me far more than the years chasing lower weight.

In the “who would win in a fight between…” discussion, I was bitterly disappointed that Nate’s bar fight story didn’t end with “…and that’s how I met Brandon!”

Alternate suggestion for @chad Coach Chad, now that you are in the PNW, check out the 2022 Vicious Cycle Gravel Fondos (, the BEST gravel rides I have done, particularly VGF Ephrata and VGF Goldendale are 2 epic local ~80mile gravel rides that are run like races to be as competitive as you can stand. These are what I miss most about living in the area. Tell Jake I said, “Hi”, he and his crew put on amazing events.


Fantastic, @aenewton! Will do.

Now that’s interesting, @mcneese.chad. I just bought a Mongoose California Special both as a throwback to my childhood and as a jump bike to play on/learn on out in my long-ass driveway. If the skills come right back, maybe I’ll see you out there. :wink:


If you can find a pump track, those can be really fun with that bike!

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I saw that special release, cool bikes for sure!!!

Let me know, I have even considered hitting a race out in WA or OR too :smiley:

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@Jonathan Thanks for sharing your tri (swim) experiences! I am really looking forward to listening to more triathlon content! :+1:t4::tada:


@Jonathan another one enjoying the swim content and input from Amber, can I ask how many times a week do you swim?

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@ambermalika thanks for the swimming cues you shared during this episode - the one about thinking of your body as segments joined by a string was so useful!

I wondered if you had any more similar cues that you could share? e.g. To keep my fingers together I picture my hands as digger scoops!

That was my thougt as well.

Honestly, I think the idea of even a half IM distance is nuts. Sure it is great to have a goal, but it seems so much more practical to focus on a Sprint or Oly distance. Jonathan is obviously fast on the bike and able to transfer that fitness to a fast 5K with little to no training, as demonstrated by his sub-16 5K. Going from barely being able to swim 25 yards to a respectible swim with a busy schedule would be quite the accomplishment, Why not dust off the TT bike and see if a sub 60 minute Sprint is possible.

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As @chad was talking about wanting to find something to train for and then the dilemma of it becoming all consuming and taking the fun out of the training had me saying “yes, yes that’s me exactly”. I gave up outdoor racing a year or so ago but just don’t want to let go of the racing fitness, it’s a tricky situation as you can often find yourself thinking “why am I doing this?”

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