Futuristic Cyclotron Bike Has Airless And Spokeless Wheels

old Swede, this morning on the way to work I saw such a bike in action, you think you’re in a science fiction film, no spokes, full spacy lighting, super fast, makes a weird noise, just crazy

look the video:

You every seen a bike like this?

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It also doesn’t exist… It was a kickstarter project from 2016 should have been released in 2017 and no updates since 3 Years… Novelty project to get initial funding, Doubt that thing would ever work realiably or make much sense from a evonomic or engeneering point of view. Full rubber tyres have to be heavy and probably lead to a very harsch ride, considering that it doesn’t have any suspension.

for sure, i have seen this bike in real here is salzburg/austria today!
the rider was so fast, so it was impossible to stop and talk with him

Hundreds of them every day…