FTP detection question

How does the FTP detection handle a situation like this: I did a very technical MTB ride the other day, outside obviously. Relative to RPE my AP was pretty low and my NP was sort of low. Does this just look like a easy ride despite it being a pretty demanding one overall?

I doubt it’s considered an awful lot at all one way or the other currently. AT can see your work done, but a ride with such a stochastic nature isn’t likely to give good FTP data.

I think it’s all about how you go at different workouts, once WL V2 comes out AT will be able to give you credit and compare your ride to a catalogue workout. Even then I don’t know how well short efforts would move the model.

How where do we go on TR to have it suggest a ftp bump, time for a ftp change for me, want to see what TR thinks it should be…


found it, under account / under early access.

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