Frame Sizing for more Open Hip Angle

Getting a new bike and would like to dial in my fit. I trust the knowledge here. I believe I am between a size 52 and 54. Having had my fits done via Retul I consulted my local Retul bike fitter and not really gotten the clarity i wanted from him. TrainerRoad Geeks Help Me!

I ride a 2010 Madone size 54. going to buy a new 2020 Madone.

Past Issue Hip Flexor Strains:

Attempting to open my hips with my next fit.

Would moving to Smaller Frame allow a Person to Open their Hips more? To be more Rotated over the Bottom Bracket? I will also going with Shorter Cranks.

Thanks guys!

You don’t mention a possible wider saddle also? I would consider this as an option too.

Hey Jax, Saddle width? Can you Elaborate on how you see that moving a person more over the Bottom Bracket? I already have my Saddle for and Aft maxed out towards the Front.


The shorter cranks will help a lot.

The smaller frame will not. The shorter reach will be negated by the shorter head tube.

Instead, consider sticking to your existing frame size, but using a seatpost/seatmast with less setback. The Madone comes standard with a 25mm setback, but it looks like a 5mm setback is available. This will push your saddle forward.

Lastly, the Madone is now Trek’s aero road bike. Also consider the Domane with a longer head tube.

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Seat Mast Offset. That would definitely move me forward. I did not see that option. That would shorten the Reach making the 54 the Wiser choice. I will definitely look into this. I am going with the SL so as to dial in reach without having to deal with integrated handlebars. Good stuff!