Fox factory vs performance

Hey TR, I am about to buy a new mountain bike (ibis ripley), i’m trying to decide if i should upgrade to the factory fork and/or rear suspension or just keep the money and get the performance level. I am a decent but not great technical rider (east coast rocks and roots), I ususally let me shop adjust my suspension and then leave it (besides locking out for some climbs etc). The money wont break me, but i dont want to waste it for no real benefit.

Performance is fine. Factory gives you more adjustment that you and I won’t be able to take advantage of. I’ve had the performance 34 for a few years and it’s great

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Shock: don’t bother on the Ripley. Dw-Link doesn’t need the extra low speed compression adjustments in open mode that you get on the Factory. That’s the main benefit I’m aware of.

Fork: The Grip damper in the Performance series is fine and you shouldn’t upgrade if it’s to the Factory fork with the Fit4 damper.


If you have the opportunity to upgrade to the 34 Fork with a Grip2 damper with the independent high and low speed compression and rebound adjustment, I would strongly recommend doing so. The shop will be able to much better tune the fork to your riding without having to do anything custom and the Grip2 damper performs much better than the Fit4

This likely IS NOT an option given what I can see on the website, but you should ask them about it. They may also be able to put the Grip2 damper in the Performance fork for cheaper and you can have matching suspension color :slight_smile:

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super helpful, thanks!

Just consider the fit4 and Grip2 are designed for different intentions. The Grip2 is buttery, but no lock out. The Fit4 is a lot firmer but has a lock out. The standard Grip is sort of in the middle, pretty buttery, very simple adjustment but also has a lock out.

The rear shock the performance series is probably fine, I have the factory series on my Ripley and Steve is right, I have it in the most open setting in the open mode and have never felt a need to change it. Performance series still allows for a firm lock out, middle and open mode.

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I have a 2020 Top Fuel that came with suspension already tuned more for XC stuff. The fork was the performance 34 w/ remote lockout. I replaced it with the 34 factory with remote (Fit4). No adjustments other than a different fork, sag the same, etc. The factory feels more plush, more responsive to damper adjustments. It’s noticeable (and looks great, IMO), but the original performance was no slouch. I haven’t messed with volume spacers and I’m not sure what both forks shipped with so there could be a difference there.

I think if you’re not the type of rider to really notice those changes, save your money. I admit that I mostly did it for the looks, but find I do enjoy a little plusher ride.

I considered changing the shock, as well, but haven’t done that yet.

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