Fixing inappropriate secondary progression levels?

Mansfield +1 - TrainerRoad

5x5 @ 105% = Threshold 3.4
Secondary: VO2 1.0

Estrela - TrainerRoad

5x5 @ 106% = VO2 Max 5.9
Secondary: Threshold 1.1

Not a point about equating progression levels between zones - we’ve been told loads not to do that and they are all subjective. Cool.

The problem is that herein, a 5.9 VO2 = a 1.0 VO2, and a 3.4 Threshold = 1.1 Threshold.

In the end you can always guess what an appropriate cross-energy system workout might be, but I keep getting slighltly annoyingly downgraded in threshold pls despite doing 8.1 VO2 5x5s…

How easy would this be to fix?

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