First ride on CushCore XC

Got it. So you’re saying it performed better. I thought you were saying that it slipped in places where it didn’t slip in the past.

In their description, Competitive Cyclist points out that the Cushcore Pro model weights the same as a traditional butyl tube.

someone save me from research. Does the cushcore replace sealant or do you run both? 2 oz of sealant is about 55 grams so the penalty is only about 100 grams per wheel if you don’t need the sealant anymore.

  • You should still run sealant. You need it for puncture protection and sealing with some tire/rim combos.
  • The tire insert allows for lower tire pressures while reducing risk of damage to the rim & tire that would come from low pressure without an insert.
  • That lower pressure tends to improve tire traction and rollover on rough surfaces for a smoother and faster ride.

Ordered Pepi’s after Jonathan mentioned them a few podcasts ago. Went with the pink r-evolution lightest version for 27.5 2.2 tires for XC on a Yeti SB5 with suspension sag on max plushness. I am 180 pounds, and ran 13/16psi front/rear on a rooty xc trails. Frik’n amazing! Totally sold, so much less bounce and fatigue and climbing traction for days. Not as noticeable on smooth fast corners but I did not get too many of those to experience. I slammed the tires into corners onto roots and landed sideways on small airs, no burps, no fold-over. One slight downside(but adaptable) is the slower rebound when pre-loading the front tire to hop over a log. I almost bit it when the front wheel only came up half the distance and smacked the top of the log. You just half to pull a little sooner and harder weight shift back.

Pepi’s is working on cx prototypes but trying to stay in the 33mm uci rule has the project going on 2 years. Ordered cushcore cx/gravel in the short term and 38mm cx tires to run in the next few local cx races. Twice the weight though, but the general insert experience was too good not to try for cx right now.

Jonathan, thanks for the recommendation!


I noticed this too, with Pepi’s. It was on hardpack and only happed when I had the bike really leaned over at moderate speed. I got the sense it was the edge knobs folding slightly due to the low pressure(13psi in this case), under a higher load. But it was so minimal, and hooked back up before you could even get nervous. On smooth flow trails with higher corner forces I think a touch more pressure would solve this.

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