First race just completed. Please help

'Straya mate :slight_smile:

B is a tough first race, sounds like you did great. When you move up to A grade over summer you could be racing against Caleb Ewan at Heffron!

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I couldn’t honestly give an answer to this question. Im pretty new to the sport (about 14 months now i think), so im not 100% sure what i need.

Could you explain this so a 5 year old would get it? :rofl:

oh god. a-grade will not happen for me i believe. Honestly finishing B grade on a fast day for me is the goal right now :rofl:

Those guys that are winning a-grade Heffron are averaging 320w and 41km/h minimum for the 45 minutes. Crazy crazy power

do you handle the surges well?
do you have enough kick to break away from a group?
do you usually feel like you can go hard enough over threshold needed for the effort in the group ride/race?

this is oversimplified because even short hard efforts have an aerobic aspect to them, but if you can skip the anaerobic work and still race well, do that!

if yes to all above, prob stick to the aerobic work for a while, as that will help massively!

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okay awesome. thanks mate this was really helpful.

i wouldnt say i handle the surges ‘Well’, but i didnt feel at risk of getting dropped during a surge, I feel like i have a fair few surgest to 500w ready to go. It’s just when we get up to 700-1000w that really hurt my longevity. I reckon i’ve got 2-3 x 1100w efforts in me a day at 240ftp. I do find if i sit around threshold for longer periods of time 5-20mins it really hurts my top end power, but i suppose thats pretty normal?

I’m racing again tomorrow so i might keep an eye on it tomorrow and share my data here :slight_smile:

yeah 700+ is no longer really a “surge”…that’s using what people call a “match”. We all have a different amount of those efforts in us, so keying in on that is really important, because when we are fresh, we can feel like we have double the amount that day…sadly we don’t! Have to decide “when do I use these”…they are finite!

that’s normal to have less punch after long periods of threshold. def want to get the FTP up because there will be lots of efforts over 240 in any race.

sure thing, share away…good luck!!

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I just checked my recent race file…800-900watt spikes twice a lap going into each straightaway :grimacing:. Didnt think I was going THAT hard. Explains why my heartrate was jacked at 180+ the whole race :joy:.

I should probably learn how to get to the front somehow rather than deal with the slowdowns into each corner…

ooooo! 180 turns in a crit? thats almost a different beast in itself!!! def better at the front, but still surgery. Those courses are so tough…we had one in Nashville for weeknight crit series; hated when it was that course!

Pretty much. It was a city course just outside downtown Chicago. Technically 4 90 degree corners, but the bookends of the rectangle were so short the exit of one turn is basically the entry of the next.