Finally! With my new bike, I went from 3.5W/Kg to over 5W/kg

I knew it was the bike all along!


I’m guessing the bike and you weigh 250kg. It can probably put out 73500 watts so maybe it’s really about 300w/kg

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Big improvement!
Together we are about 300kg.
About 120HP. Which I’m too lazy to convert to Watts.

But I guess I’m a fan of stuff on 2 wheels.

Here is another crazy thought.
I have a road bike that I built up ~ $9k
I have a TT bike all built up ~8.5k
This motorcycle was $9.8k.
I just can’t believe mass production can be the sole reason for that.


1hp=736w, so 88,320w. so 294.4w/kg. Pretty close to Trek’s guess!

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Could have saved some weight with rim brakes :face_with_peeking_eye:


I would not get close to a bike with rim brakes!!

I’ve always found the price difference of road bikes and motorcycles insane too. Like one has an engine, the other has extremely basic mechanics, how can it possibly be a similar price?!


Engine, suspension, transmission, electronic stability stuff, adaptive cruise control, rain sensing traction, etc.

It is unbelievable that those 2 are similar in price.

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I bought my GSXR 1000 for $3000. My track only motorcycle was $2000.

I just bought a fork and shock for my mountain bike for $1000. Fork was on sale!

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I’'d have even thought that more bicycles than motorbikes are being produced.

I look with envy at motorbikes for the simple reason that day in day out you always have the same FTP and can go full gas all of the times :joy:

That’s hilarious!

Between my rides on bike and motorcycle, I get a lot of TITS (time in the saddle) :joy:

Nice collection! Motorbikes can be had in the used market for dirt cheap.

This was talked about somewhere on this forum - the performance motorcycle/bike market is drastically smaller than the performance road bike market… Yet motorcycles with all the mechanical features “still” compete or beat performance road bike pricing haha.

I’m not sure who these guys are but youtube suggested them to me. They talk a lot about how motorcycles can be so cheap and why bikes cost so much in comparison:

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I watch his videos. But I hadn’t seen that. It’s funny that even them make fun of dentists :joy:

So basically they charge that bike price because we are willing to pay it.

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But my track bike hasn’t moved in a year (or two?) and before my GSXR was recently stolen, I only rode it once or twice a month.

Meanwhile, I ride a bicycle 20 hours a week.

I love motorcycles, but not as much as I enjoy pedaling (or running, for that matter).

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