Feedback on Wilier Bikes

Is anyone riding (or has ridden) a Wilier? I may be in the market for a new bike since I (finally) got a professional bike fit and my current frame is a little too big for me. The LBS where I got my fit carries Wilier and had some in stock. Ideally I’d like a Tarmac SL6/7 but those are impossible to find. I’m unlikely to sell the bike in the future, so resale value is not a decision criteria. Looking for general as well as specific feedback from anyone that has ridden Wiliers. I almost exclusively ride fondos and centuries and do not race. Thanks!!

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No one riding Wiliers? Maybe that’s all the answer I need … :thinking:

I’m thinking also about buying Wilier (Filante). However not seen much real life experiences about it. SL7 would be good but also a boring choice here (too much of those on road)

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I’ve got an old-ish Wilier GTR, which I believe was their endurance offering in carbon. It’s an entry level model, but the geometry is spot on for me, and the slightly silly paint job (black and green with a bazillion Wilier decals) makes me smile. Haven’t ridden a recent one though.


I’ve had a Wilier on my watch list online for a while (WILIER C1 AIR AXS ROAD BIKE 52.5 CM ADULTS CARBON FRAME BRAND NEW ref 14514 | eBay)

Interesting that there seems to be a lack of feedback!

Yeah, they are way cooler than a Tarmac!

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I rode a Willier Izoard for years and it was a great endurance bike with a super frame that was comfortable in the back but stiff up front. No idea what the more current bikes are like but I would have another one in a heartbeat.

@a4351765 , thanks! This is useful to know.

I’ve been drooling over a Tarmac for years but after getting a proper bike fit I think an endurance bike may be better for the fondos, centuries, and sportives I prefer. I do not have permission from the wife for N+1 at the moment, but it’s always good to get others’ feedback. Thanks!!

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I ride a Wilier Cento10Pro disc with Sram red Axs and fulcrum speed wheels. Love it. My other bike is a Colnago C64 rim brake with Dura Ace di2 and Zip 404 NSW wheels, love that one as well.
Colnago is nice weather, no big descents bike.
Neither of them make me any faster. Got them for the looks and bling. Eventually it’s all about the legs!


Willier definitely trumps Specialized for the X-factor. They have some really tasty looking top end bikes and there is an endurance focused model - Cento


Willier is a quality brand. I haven’t ridden one personally, so I can’t say how they ride.

But geometry >>> specs, name brand coolness, get what fits you. That’s much, much more important than 200 g saved here or there or whether you have 105 or Ultegra doing the gear shifts.