Feature-Request: On-The-Fly Set Addition and Set Analysis

Hi, sorry if this has been requested before - I couldn’t locate if it has. I have 2 feature requests to mention:

  1. I’d like the option to be able to “add a set” on the end of my workout if I’m feeling good and have some extra time. I have found several instances where I wish I could just do another set. Being able to easily extend my workout with another set would be nice. Similar to the extend cooldown feature, but just add another set.

  2. Analysis of sets in a workout. Maybe this exists already and I’m not aware. I’d like to be able to overlie the multiple sets in my workout and see performance. For instance, did my HR and cadence graph look different from the 1st set to the last? I know averages are calculated alreadyt, but would nice to be able to see charts. Same with recovery sessions between intervals. Does my recovery vary from beginning to end - charts would be nice to see.



Great grab. You BEAT me to it! :smiley:

May not be the same precise wording, but this is likely related and just as good a place to add your notes:

And this is also worthwhile.


Based on those, I will close this thread right now. You can copy / paste your info into those existing threads as your “+1” vote and any detail you’d like.

For future reference, please keep Feature Request submissions to a single topic. It is harder to handle multiple suggestions in a single topic (and is the reason I am not simple merging your requests above to the related topics).

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