F##k it,I think I’ll come back to TR!

I no longer race etc but I miss the analytics of it all,I’ve dabbled with Zwift but the interaction and game play aren’t really up my street.
I’ve used TR on and off since the beginning but I was always competing,I’ve retired,life has moved on but I still like to train but picking a goal and a plan … scratches chin!
Nearly 52 years old,I could just try getting back to the W/kg I was! I haven’t put on weight and I am guestimating I am around 30w down,whats 30 watts pah!
I’ve been pondering for a few weeks,I’m away to sign up…should’ve just bought a Kickr instead of the Neo eh!

Buy a Neo. Far better than Kickr.

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I did buy a Neo…specifically to ‘play’ on Zwift…road feel etc😉, my point was I could have saved a couple of hundred ££


You won’t regret it. I got rid of my Kickr because of hearing damage it caused me. I have permanent tinnitus from the stupid Kickr.

I would buy a Neo over a Kickr always.

All signed up and ready for a ramp test tomorrow :face_vomiting:


The new Kickr is quiet.

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Welcome Back! I know a lot of people that use TR to enjoy the outdoor rides like centuries, fondo’s, or just hanging with friends. No need to race.