Extreme (cold) temperatures and bike lubes

So the thread on VERY cold weather training got me to thinking:

What type of lube(s) work in the very cold? -20°C / -28°F range?

Wax I imagine would just flake off. I know military lubes are designed to not gel or solidify at extreme temps. But what about for such extreme bike racing?

I’ve just used normal “wet” lubes at those temps without problem. Specifically I think it was Muck-Off wet lube that I was using at the time.

While such low temps may increase the viscosity a little I doubt it makes much difference when you consider the extra clothing you will be wearing and if, as in my case, you are riding in snow.

For properly cold (-40C and below) then checking what the Iditarod riders use might be an option. One guy who knows his stuff is Mike Curiac, his blog is lacemine29, I’ve not seen anything specific about oils and lubes on there but since he’s particular about everything else if it was an issue he’d probably have mentioned it. Might also be worth checking out the fat bike sub-forum on MTBR forums.

I still use Parafin FWIW. Havent had issue myself, but I carrie a wet lube along for if things get squeaky. I’ve heard T9 or actual Boe Lube (both Boeing developped products) work well in those temps, but I haven’t used it yet.