Elite Drivo / ERG Mode / clicking adjust type noise from trainer

I have a new Drivo. When I am running in ERG Mode, it appears that my traininer is constantly adjusting and I can feeling and high an audible adjustment from the trainer. While everything appears to function correctly, this constant adjustment sound and feel is a bit aggrevating. I can turn off the ERG mode in the Trainer Road app and the issue goes away.
Has anyone experienced this? I am curious if it is an incorrect setting on my part or possible a faulty data feed from my device (macbook pro).

Hey there!

I’d recommend submitting a ticket through Elite Support to see if the support experts have seen an issue like this before. A couple things to check and communicate in your ticket:

  • Does the noise happen when paired to the Elite App, or only when paired to TrainerRoad
  • Is all of your Firmware up to date
  • You mention the trainer is new, has it ever not made this noise?

Best of luck and I hope they can sort out this issue for you :+1:

Typically when you plug the trainer in the servo that controls the magnet moves. Does it make the same noise you’re hearing when riding in erg mode?

I hear it upon power up/ power down and through the workout when ERG is turned on.

You can here the mild ‘thump’ of the ERG in the back ground

My Direto makes a somewhat similar noise, can’t hear it when I pedal though.

I can hear it at low power/ cadence but not when i am wound up. But I can feel it resonate in my handle bars.

Do you think it would be a good idea to turn off Elite while using TrainerRoad?

My Direto makes that noise occasionally maybe once every three rides. Once or twice it has jolted the derailleur hard enough to cause it to downshift. I’m not overly concerned because it happens so infrequently but I am interested to hear what Elite has to say about it.

100% yes. On my Drivo, I pair to TR only. Anything else paired to it simultaneously just causes a mess of problems. Just my experience…

My one makes the noise as it moves the resistance. It’s disappointing they designed it that way. Kind of wish I’d got a 2018 Kickr.

Try riding at a higher flywheel speed (i.e., choose a stronger gear) if your desired watts allow for that, and (if needed) try perfecting your cadence consistency.

I notice a big difference in the amount of adjusting our drivo does when I ride compared to when my wife does a session. I figure it has to do with flywheel speed and pedalling consistency. My wife has a much more irregular cadence than I do and is riding at a lower flywheel speed (easier gear even in ERG mode). Accordingly, the drivo has to do many more microadjustments to keep the requested wattage, compared to when you ride at a constant cadence at a higher flywheel speed.

I also think the drivo is a bit of a slave of it’s own accuracy there, if they would have allowed a bit more variability around the power target it would not have to do such intricate adjustments…

I am curious is raising the value on the Power Smoothing might relieve a bit of the constant adjustments

That will not change anything, all it does is change the power values that are broadcasted to your recording device.

That’s also how I understood it. That said, I have it at 6 in the Elite app and at 0 (off) in the TR app.

In that case your trainer will be broadcasting 6 second average power to the TR app. I have both TR and my Direto set to 0 fwiw.

I just realized my PS in TR was set @ 10. I moved it to 0.

Next workout I’ll make sure Zwift and Elite App are completely off as well.