Dual Road and Gravel bike

I have heard a lot of good things about the OPEN frames.

and if you need even more tire clearance:


On geometry, a CX is going to be a better road bike than a gravel bike IMO. I find the gravel bikes quite slow on the handling side and I prefer a bit of a twitchy ride, even on longer gravel riding


It seems like it checks all the boxes for me, only thing was the 650b wheels for gravel set I was thinking go going that route. Wonder what people say, any other areas or forums of their comments using 650? Thanks for the input though really helpful!

Everything I found about the Checkpoint and 650b wheels was in random forums and comments on articles, because Trek is not on board. As I remember it, the issue is bottom bracket drop, not frame clearance. The bottom bracket is already lower than e.g. a CX bike because it’s catering to the adventuring/bikepacking set, and dropping the center of gravity helps means more stability. Throw 650b wheels on, and you might start dragging the pedals on the ground around corners.

:100: OP, Definitely test ride whatever you’re getting and make sure you like the handling, because there’s a ton of variation even within the “gravel” category. (FWIW, I like Path Less Pedaled for detailed explanations of frame geometry and how it translates to handling on a “gravel” bike.)

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I built an OPEN UP a couple of months ago and love it. I put a set of ENVE G23s on and it floats on gravel and tarmac. Would be a great all around bike.



If you’re open to online-only, check out the Ribble CGR series, which sounds like exactly what you’re looking for. I’m pseudo in the market for a gravel-ready bike (depends if I get in the DK200 next year), and the CGR is at the top of my list. They make the CGR in different models/materials (alloy, steel, carbon, titanium) with various configurations and pricepoints (105, Ultegra, DI2, etc) and it supports wide 700c and 650b tires. It’s designed to be an all-in-one bike–hence the name CGR, Cyclocross Gravel Road.

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Orbea Orca OMX

That looks like an interesting bike. I wasn’t able to find any info on supported tire widths - have you seen any info on this?

It’s on the Ribble site on the main CGR page and in the FAQs of the individual models (SL, Ti, etc). I think all models are pretty much the same, but I’ve been specifically eyeing the Ti model and it can support 42-45 700c tires and 47 650b. So pretty much anything you could possibly throw at it.


Scroll down to Key Tech Features and it lists it supports up to 47 tires (for 650b wheels, I believe).

I was able to find this at the bottom of this page for the SL/Carbon model in the FAQs:

What is the tyre clearance?

The CGR SL has ample clearance for 45mm tyres on the 700c wheels (40mm with full coverage mudguards fitted) and 47mm on the 650b version.

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I’ve been pretty keen on a Ribble. The aero frame they have for road is pretty slick and the gravel/cx bikes are priced so damn well for what you get. Hard to pass up

Does anyone have experience with the Ribble? The price is VERY tempting!

None personally. But, for that price and what you get, it is so tempting.

Sorry, but I’ve skipped the whole thread. I’ve done everything you’re wanting to do on a Crux. If I had to get rid of all my bikes and keep one, it would be my Crux. It’s the absolute go-to workhorse for all terrains and all conditions.


This thread has been So awesome for me! You folks have been, for the most part, a wealth of knowledge about our evergrowing bike world.

This thread has been So awesome for me! You folks have been, for the most part, a wealth of knowledge about our evergrowing bike world. I’ve gone back and forth many times on whether to get a Road bike (Allez Sprint, Tarmac, Roubaix, Cannondale, Canyon, Trek) and put the biggest tires on it I can, and get a set of extra wheels (650B) and have those on standby, OR get a gravel bike (Vault, Exploro, Aspero, crux) thats light-ish aero-ish and run two sets of wheels on it.

I have always valued quality and will pay a little extra for the right fit, however, for the next few years I’ll need to make this purchase with a bit of frugality higher on my priority list than I would like.

I ride predominantly road group rides Tuesday/Thursday ~1.5 hrs @ 22-24mph. During the winter I’ll ride 1 easier long flat gravel road a week. Occasionally I’ll venture out with some buddies and do a rougher gravel ride or a steep road ride (I need 2X front in case we move to the MTNS next year. (Coastal life makin’ me weak :wink:

That being said. Please convince me not to do the following! I want to hear the best arguments against it. Scenario 1:

2020 Specialized Allez Sprint Disc (105’s) $2200 USD - Extra set of wheels (650B with wider tires) $500

Scenario 2: 2019 Pivot Vault Ultegra - $2899 (found a good deal) - use my old set of Fulcrum 5 700C’s with 28mm roadies and the wheels that come with it and throw some scramblers on it.

My road/gravel weapon is a Santa Cruz Stigmata. 2 different wheelsets depending on what I want to ride. I’ve done road centuries and gravel metrics on it. Comfortable either way. No fiddling, just pop off one wheelset and drop in the other. Same cassette on each and disc brakes make it easy. The bike has an Ultegra compact road groupset on it with a 34 in back.

Of the two scenarios, I’d opt for the Vault. It’ll handle all the types of rides you mentioned, while being really “at home” on the off-pavement stuff. The Allez Sprint is a marvel, but none of the types of rides you mentioned are right in the wheelhouse of that bike, which is more toward the short/hard variety (crits, in particular).

Throw into your mix the Cannondale Synapse. I’ve always known of the Synapse as an endurance road bike, ticking the same boxes as the Specialized Roubaix, but saw it was used by Ted King to win the Steamboat Gravel race this summer, running 35mm tires. (Granted, he could probably make anything work, but he won against a strong field on their bikes of choice.) Don’t know about 650b on it, though.

Disclaimer: Haven’t read the entire thread.

I have a 2020 Specialized Roubaix. I have 2 wheelsets for it. The stock road wheels and a gravel setup. I have really enjoyed the bike. It handles both styles very well IMO.

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Cannondale SuperSix may fit the bill. I know someone running 700x33 knobbies (Micheline power gravel) on his new 2020 model. I have to say- it looks pretty sexy!

What tires are you running for gravel with this setup?

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