Dual Road and Gravel bike

I believe GRX is more suitable for challenging gravel and MTB trails. H

I’ve fitted GRX to a road bike, in preference to a regular road groupset: the main reason was for the modest gear reduction from the smaller chain rings (48/31** vs 50/34). Every ride of mine is 10-20%++ hills, and since I prefer to spin than grind, lower gears are always a nice have and I thought a reasonable trade off for losing the 50.

I also ride in another part of the country where it’s not so brutally hilly, and if speccing a bike for there might flip a coin as to whether to go for a compact road groupset or GRX.

** RX810-2

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Wondering if anyone here has a 3T Exploro.

I had been looking at the Giant Revolt Advanced 2, and was set on it, but then discovered that the 3T Exploro Pro with Shimano 105 is about the same price. It comes with a 48/32 crank and 11-34 cassette, which I think would work fine for both gravel and the relatively flat roads in my area. I think I would buy a second wheelset for road, probably the Hunt 34 Aero wide set ($600) with some GP5000’s.

I really just like the look and aero aspect of the 3T more than the Revolt, but just wondering if I am missing anything.

My buddy has one…I love gn and concept of it, but there are a fair number of proprietary parts on it that can be a hassle, apparently. Took him quite awhile to finally get it up and running and he was ready to chuck it but end.

I love the Revolts…a great dual-purpose design, IMO. I think the Cervelo Aspero is another great option. I am considering a new gravel bike before The Rift next year (assuming it happens​:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:). My current bike is a CX bike and I want a lower BB and longer reach. But I don’t need a full bike and will be perfectly fine pulling my Ultegra stuff over from my CX bike. Unfortunately, the Revolt is not available as a frame set, so it may be the Aslero by default (plus the BB drop is lower than the Revolt). If only it didn’t have a PF BB. :pleading_face:

@Power13 do you know which parts he was having trouble with? I would be buying it assembled from a local shop, so hopefully any issues could be handled through them.

The only part I know for sure was the seatpost clamp, but there were other problems as well, just not sure what they were.

I have one and use Enve 45 wheel set with some 28mm tires. Works well for hardback gravel and road rides. 46/36 chainring is good for everything up to 50km/h road rides.

I have a separate wheel set with 40mm gravel tires for more aggressive gravel.

The concern about “proprietary parts” is largely overblown in my view. Only parts that come to mind are the derailleur hanger, seatpost and saddle clamp. Other brands and bikes from Cervelo, Specialized and Trek seems to have more proprietary parts (IMO).

Overall, it’s a stiff bike but you’re going to get that with something designed to straddle the line between road and gravel. Nothing that can’t be fine tuned with tire pressure.

I’ll be hanging onto my Exploro for a few seasons. Very happy with it.

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@Ericv2018 thanks for the input. I’m not too worried about the parts knowing that I have a few shops in my area that carry the bikes.

Just wondering, do you have a power meter on the bike? I’m looking at options with the Praxis crankset, but assuming you might have one of the higher end models with different cranks. Was even looking at the Assioma-SPD pedal hack.

I’ve got a Rotor Power2Max with 30mm spindle, press fit. I’ve got P2M cranksets on my Road bike and also my mountain bike. Can’t recommend P2M enough. All power meters have been rock solid with no issues since day 1.

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I wouldn’t assume you can just get whatever bike you want. If you find one you like, buy it. I talked to one LBS about a Stigmata and they told me January. Another about the Revolt and they said February! One nice thing about Giant is you can look online and they will tell you exactly which shops have the bike you want in stock. I’m very loyal to both of these shops and when talking to the owner that sells Giant, he told me “if you can find one, BUY IT and have them ship it here for assembly”, so I got on the phone and bought the bike over 1,000 miles away sight unseen!

COVID-19 has made bike sales crazy. You can’t even find cheap bikes at Walmart. Everything sells as fast as it comes in.

The shop I talked to said they should be able to get the Exploro within a week or two. Otherwise the 3T site shows 2-3 weeks shipped, not sure how accurate that is. I am currently trying to get the shop to match 3T’s price (3T includes tax in their price, the shop was tacking that on for a $150 difference or so).

Even if shipping gets delayed, I don’t really need the bike until next May or so. The biking season is ending soon up here.


I was in the same position as you. Ended up getting the 3t exploro. Was able to find one pretty close and at the same price as the Giant revolt. Was very excited about the revolt but I really like having a bike you don’t see all the time. So far just a couple of rides in on the 3t exploro with shimano 105 and it’s been great. Running the stock wheels currently setup tubeless with 40mm bontrager comp 1’s and getting ready for a century this weekend on the same wheels but with gp5000’s in a 32mm. Good luck with your decision. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Which model Revolt did you get? Post pics once you get it!!

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@toddloehner I did end up ordering the Exploro, it should probably be ready for me to pick it up by next weekend. And the shop had a rewards program so I got a half frame pack and a handlebar dry bag for bikepacking for free. Might have to sneak in an overnight bikepack trip before winter.

Do you plan to grab another wheelset, or stick with the stock ones? I see they are about 2.1 kg, so it looks like it would be pretty easy to grab another set and save 500 grams or so and get a bit deeper rim as well.


Sweet. You will love it. I do plan on getting another wheelset. Just not sure what I’m going to get yet. Looking at some Hunt wheels, Boyd wheels and some FLO wheels. We’ll see!!

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i have a 3t exploro. so far everything about the bike is great with exception of the rear derailleur which i’m still getting used to. it was a stock 1x setup which i converted to a 2x as i prefer a 2x setup.

currently have 2 wheelsets with the 3t 650b being my default wheels until my 700c’s arrive (this week!). I have the 650b setup with 48s and plan on putting 32s on the 700c.

I am a Aspero homer. But the new offering from Ridley has really sparked my interest. I am saddened that there is no ability run a double. So the only option is to buy the expensive offering or run a single drive line.

Haven’t nailed down fit, bars, stem, etc yet, but picked it up today and put in a few laps on the neighborhood beginners MTB trail. Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 0. Everything stock here except for swapped in GK SK 43s. Looks flat in shade, but has that bass boat pearlescent flash in the light (see in pic of fork)


Very nice! Been looking closely at the Revolt Advance Pro as well. Would you mind sharing bike size and your height/inseam? Also, how’s the 43 rear tire clearance with the front derailleur battery?

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Fresh bike pjorn!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Good looking bike…let us know how you like it once you get it dialed in.

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