Dual Road and Gravel bike

The bike is size Large. I’m 6’0” with a 32” inseam. Here are some pics of rear tire clearance, front tire clearance, and front derailleur on small ring clearance. The tires are 700x43 Gravel King SK mounted on Giant CXR 2 wheels with 25 mm inner.


I just run 700/35 gravel tires on my Madone, works pretty well. Not much clearance so wouldn’t use it in mud, but a really good setup for dry conditions.

Wow…that is pretty impressive that you can run a gravel tire on a Madone…what tire is that?

That’s Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H - 700x35mm

It’s a tight fit but it works :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about Giant Revolt but size L has 510mm seat tube and my saddle height is around 815mm. I wonder would this have negative ride characteristics (too flexy rear end) and/or is it even possible to run saddle that high? XL has 530mm seat tube but has too high stack.

I would probably need to run 120mm stem also. Maybe it’s not for me :neutral_face:

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What kind of bike is this? Looks fun and capable!

So far my Canyon Inflite has been amazing on all terrain, I have gravel/CX wheels and then some carbon wheels for road rides/ races. No complaints on this bike from me.

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Its a Workswell (chinese) CX frame w SRAM Force 22 groupset

Just purchased a Factor LS. Geometry is bang on same as many endurance road bikes out there with clearance for 43mm tires. 73.5deg seat tube angle, 72.3deg head tube angle.

Handling should be nice and quick. Perfect for the fairly tame gravel that’s available near where I live and the fast group rides I do on the road.

Personally, I think many buy gravel bikes based on what the marketing tells them they need rather than what’s available near them and what they’ll ride most often.

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This is my humble rig, in its road version


I did this. Bought a Cervelo Aspero and I don’t live in an area where I can really take advantage of it. Lots of rocky single track around me and very little “gravel” roads. I regretted buying it right away and realized my mountain bike lets me do much more than my gravel bike. Sold it in less than a year.


I cant find a crit to race my gravel bike in. This is my summers goal, post up a victory on a gravel bike in a crit

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I’m in the middle of consolidating my bikes into one “dual” rig. Previously, I rode a Specialized Roubaix for several years. Great bike, could handle mixed surfaces and bad roads really well, but lacked tire clearance for any real gravel. Currently, I have a Cervelo R5 and a Niner RLT. Ride mostly road, and the gravel rig doesn’t get a lot of use. When it does, I don’t necessarily like the way it rides, as it’s geometry is very tame compared to road geo.

My solution, take the nicest groupset and two sets of wheels from the R5 and the Niner, use them on an Aspero, and sell the other two frames/bikes. That way I’ll only have one bike, one groupset, and two sets of wheels to worry about. The Aspero has quick enough handling where it is basically an endurance road bike with smaller tires (28s), a good middle of the road geo, and great capability off road. We’ll see how it works, I guess.

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Very similar geo to the Factor LS.

The Aspero was near the top of my list when I went through the same consideration/process.

The Factor is expensive but if I can reduce the number of bikes, I’d consider the purchase a ‘win’

Another thought is the Allied Echo. Also expensive but seems to me that this bike’s design is to do exactly this - be the n=1 bike

Yeah. I have to admit I was tempted by bikes like the Echo, or the new Aspero 5 with the integrated headset, etc. However, they are somewhat limited in availability (thankfully for my pocket book), and it is hard to justify nearly double the price for a barely lighter, basically otherwise-identical bike.

Decided on the Factor LS. Supposed to show up on Friday. Di2 to be installed.

Only thing I’m not so sure of is the integrated black inc bar/stem.

We’ll see. Will post pictures when built