Does this bike have internal cabling?

Hi people, I’m picking up a Cannondale System Six Hi Mod 2020 frame on the weekend and just want clarification that I can have full integrated cabling for the gearing? I’ve seen some SS with the cables that run into the Di2 port on the down tube and some that are fully integrated (these wasn’t SRAM wireless either).

Here’s a picture of the front, any help would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: I’ll be wanting to use Shimano Di2

That looks fully integrated to me. Nothing says otherwise.

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It’s because it’s running SRAM wireless and I’ll be using Di2. This is why I was unsure as Shimano doesn’t have the luxury yet of wireless :slight_smile:

Good old Google gives this from your info “System Six Hi Mod 2020”

Seems an older Ultegra Di2 wired (despite there now being a 12s partial wireless in their current lineup).

And D-A version

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Every google image I’ve seen under Cannondale System Six Hi Mod 2020, while running shimano, looks integrated.

I have a 2020 Giant Propel, it came with Ultegra R8020 and I used to believe electronic groupsets had no place on a bike but one of my shifters broke and I couldn’t get hold of a replacement for months, in the end the quickest way for a working bike was a new SRAM AXS groupset. I could never get shifting quite right with the mechanical groupset, even with expensive jagwire elite due to all the sharp internal bends. If you pick up a frame do yourself a favor and go electronic

Are you planning to run 11sp or 12sp Di2? Keep in mind if you run the 12sp variant, the shifters ARE wireless, so the only wires in the system are between the battery (in the seat tube) and the derailleurs!


Yup…if you are running 12 spd for it, the question is moot. Both brands are wireless at the shifter.

Brilliant, thanks people!! I did google it but my mate has the white version with Ultegra mech and he has two cables coming from the top of the down tube. I haven’t seen him since last year but I’m almost certain he has the same bars too. I’ll be running Dura Ace 12 speed and I had no idea they was semi wireless… Feel stupid now fro asking but I needed to be sure as this is going to be my all singing and dancing bike ha

The electronic shifting versions can all be run fully integrated. Running the shifter cables outside is for the mechanical version. You can also run the mechanical fully integrated but it’s not officially supported because it gets tight in the headtube and the right bends could cause bad shifting.

I have aä one with 105 and the great cables are external butt all 11 speed Di2 models were fully internal at the shop where’d bought mine

I have the 2020 Supersix which should be similar as far as cable routing is concerned.
You can change the cable port on the down tube to a third party 3D printed cable stop and even route mechanical groupsets completely internally.
Maybe a tiny bit noticeable when the bars are turned all the way but no issue and the shifting is as crisp as before. But yeah, not officially supported.

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