Do tubes get porous?

I have a pair of Schwalbe tubes that are 7-8 years old.
Took em out of the box for the first time last week. Rode 50 plus miles with no problems.
6 days later it is really soft, but when I took it of the rim and put it in a bucket of water, there was no leak.

Losing most air after 6 days for a 7-8 year old tube. Is that normal?


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Do you know if they have latex inner tubes? If so, that is the expected behavior. Tires with latex tubes needs to be inflated prior to every ride.

I have never heard of any butyl inner tubes that get porous over time.

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These are butyl tubes. They retail for about $9.

Yes, but as old as they are the more likely culprit is the vulcanization around the valve stem may have eroded and is allowing a slow leak.

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I may check that. It has lost some air again overnight.

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Iā€™d also suspect a slow leak. Maybe a pinhole puncture. Just toss both of them and get new ones since they are 8 years old.


Problem solved. After putting the tube in a bucket with water and let it sit for a awhile, little bubbles showed up at the valve core. Turned out it has loosened a bit.
After I tightened it, it stopped forming air bubbles

In my nearly 50 years of fixing flats, I had never come across this scenario.

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